Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Packers ready to negotiate new contract with Rodgers

According to, the Packers are ready to talk about a new contract with star QB Aaron Rodgers. As you all know, the Ravens Joe Flacco just got really rich, so this timing makes sense.

A good point that made was that although Flacco may be the highest-payed quarterback, he is not the best quarterback. Although that makes sense, I still find the whole "get rich for throwing a ball" thing stupid. I guess in football terms, he does deserve more. But not in common sense terms. By the end of this drama, Rodgers will be sitting on piles of gold. That's inevitable.

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Brandon said...

I don't think Flacco changed the likely negotiations with Rodgers. Flacco's deal seems to be modeled almost exactly on Drew Brees' contract signed last July, with a slight $100,000 per season higher value and an extra million guaranteed ($61 million to $62 million). Obviously huge numbers, but it didn't change the landscape for Rodgers' extension.