Wednesday, July 30, 2014

McCarthy Extension Could Come Soon

After team GM Ted Thompson was signed to a multi-year extention earlier today, another one for Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy could be right around the corner,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

Apparently, Thompson considers getting McCarthy to a new deal before his current one ends after 2015 a "top priority," something not surprising since McCarthy just got a street named after him. 

In other words, it's probably just a matter of time until the man who has been with the team since 2006 gets locked up, although whether or not things will happen this offseason is obviously still unknown.

Packers Extend GM Ted Thompson For Multiple Years

It's been a big week for extensions, first WR Jordy Nelson, and now GM Ted Thompson. The terms weren't initially disclosed, but I doubt it's unreasonable.
I'm just surprised that he's agreed to an extension. The last time he signed an extension after their Super Bowl win, it sounded like he wasn't sure how much longer he'd work. He could probably retire if he wanted to. At some point, traveling all over the country and watching hours of film to scout players is going to lose its appeal. Former GM Ron Wolf retired in 2001 at age 63, Thompson is currently 61, and Wolf did not miss working those long hours. Though it would be hard to leave such a promising team right now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Packers Sign CFL LB Korey Jones

The Packers have signed LB Korey Jones and cut Shaun Lewis, Bleacher Report reports. 

Jones, a 2013 grad of the University of Wyoming, signed and spent last year's training camp with the Cardinals, getting cut shortly before the regular season.

Still, the youngster did spend the fall playing with the CFL's British Columbia Lions, where he apparently impressed enough to draw some NFL interest.

As of now, unsurprisingly, the details of this deal have not been released, although one somewhat interesting thing has: Jones will wear #47.

No, that isn't ground-breaking information, but since it has been made public it might as well be known.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Packers Would Like to Bring Back Franklin in a Non-Playing Role

The Packers are interested in bringing back former RB Johnathan Franklin in a non-playing role,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

According to Demovsky, Green Bay Coach Mike McCarthy's currently looking to get Franklin a job somewhere in the organization, although what that job could turn out to be is obviously yet to be known.

Franklin, as you probably already know, was cut from the team earlier this offseason after him continuing to compete was deemed unsafe, probably ending his career.

Still, that doesn't mean he can't keep being involved in the sport, something both he and his ex-teammates would likely enjoy.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cobb Doesn't Think He's Done Enough to Earn New Deal

Packers Wide Receiver Randall Cobb doesn't think he's done enough to deserve a new deal.

In a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tyler Dunne, Cobb said that exact line, probably surprising many who consider him an elite player.

Still, it's not like this new opinion will change anything in the near future, as #18's clearly too valuable to the team for them to let him walk. 

Remember, Cobb's set to be a free agent for the first time in his career after the upcoming season, something Green Bay likely can't afford screwing up even if Jordy Nelson's under contract. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Packers Sign Nelson to 4 Year, $39 Million Extention

Packers Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson has signed a four year, $39 million extention with the team,'s Ian Rapoport reports. 

Included in the deal, which prevents the veteran from becoming a free agent after 2014 and pays $9.75 million annually, is $14.2 million in guaranteed money and an $11.5 million signing bonus, a pretty big raise from the $4.2 million he's made in recent seasons.

In other words, all of that cash was enough to convince Nelson to stay, something Green Bay has stressed as one of their main priorities over the last few weeks.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Packers Open to Playing Road Game in London

The Packers are open to playing a road game in London sometime in the future, team President Mark Murphy recently told

According to Murphy, the Pack "will never give up a home game" due to their meaning to the community, but they'll still consider one day competing overseas. 

Currently, the Pack are scheduled to visit the Jaguars in 2016, a team who has an aggreement to play in the UK sometime between now and then, making this scenario completely possible.

In 2012, Green Bay came close to taking on the Rams at Wembley Stadium, with the latter eventually facing off with the Patriots instead. 

Five Key Things To Watch In Camp: Number 1 - Julius Peppers and the Defense

Julius Peppers comes to Green Bay as one of the biggest free agent signings in GM Ted Thompson's tenure, and he is the face of the new look defense Dom Capers is bringing to the Packers in 2014. While everyone will be watching to see how many sacks he records, he's only going to succeed if Capers's new defense is a hit.
If you look at the defensive front seven, which is where the new defensive look should be obvious, the roster is mostly the same as it was in 2013. Peppers is on board, along with rookies DE Khyri Thornton and LB Carl Bradford, but the rookies might barely play in the early goings. The only mountain on the line remaining is NT B.J. Raji (gone are Pickett and Jolly) and the Packers could frequently line up with only two 300 lb. lineman and an army of linebackers and defensive backs behind them. That formation will be easier to run against, but it'll be hard for a receiver to find any room in coverage.

Capers described the defense as "less volume, more packages" which actually brings some simplicity to the defense. The personnel on the field will "dictate the defense" instead of going with the same personnel group and asking them to do different things. I expect that means he'll be coaching more to his players' strengths.

So Peppers might be playing primarily at linebacker, but he's still listed as a LB/DE, so there should be packages that line him up at defensive end. It's probably the same role they had in mind for Mike Neal last season, but injuries forced Neal to play at linebacker most of the time. Asking Nick Perry to play the same role wouldn't be a bad idea either because he's never looked great dropping back into coverage.

We should be seeing more players rotating on and off the field in 2014, and maybe they'll keep an extra defensive end and linebacker on the roster. However, the disappointing thing is that we might not see what this new defense looks like until the regular season. The Packers have already coached the players on how these new packages work during OTAs, but there's no incentive to give the rest of the NFL an early look during the preseason. Maybe a few of them will be shown, but the Packers will probably play nothing other than their base defense as they evaluate some of the fringe roster candidates during the bulk of the preseason games.

While everyone will be watching Peppers and the new look defense this season, unfortunately neither of them should be seen much during the preseason games.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nelson Wants New Deal to Pay $10 million a Year

Packers WR Jordy Nelson is looking for a raise.

According to's Rob Demovsky, Nelson, who will be a free agent after 2014, wants his next contract to pay at least $10 million a year, a pretty big jump from the 4.2 he's currently making.

To some, obviously, #87's sudden announcement is a little surprising, although considering it's coming shortly after the Falcons gave Roddy White a big extention it's really not that strange, as Nelson is simply taking advantage of a situation that seems to be working in his favor. 

Remember, the NFL's a business, and with that guys like Nelson are bound to eventually cash in, even if it is in this kind of extreme fashion.

Five Key Things To Watch In Camp: Number 2 - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Every year, the rookie first round selection is a player to watch in training camp, and this year is no exception. Not only was FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix generally viewed as the best free safety available in the 2014 draft, but he replaces their worst starter from 2013 (M.D. Jennings).
When camp opens, it'll probably be Micah Hyde working with the first team defense, though the reality is that both players will line up a lot next season. The Packers spend a lot of time with five or six defensive backs on the field, and the opportunity will be there for both players. If there was a knock on Clinton-Dix out of college, it was that he isn't a physical tackler, which makes his ball skills and speed better suited in a deep zone. On the other hand, Hyde is great against the run, which would make him a better choice in the slot and playing closer to the line of scrimmage. They need both players at safety for depth, no other safety except those two and Morgan Burnett should feel secure about their roster spots, but they both have different strengths that might be best suited for a particular role.

Because of the high expectations that come from being a first round draft choice, and their need for improvement at the position, everyone will be watching Clinton-Dix.