Sunday, August 31, 2014

Packers Change Their Minds; Keep Both Flynn and Tolzein on Roster

In spite of what they announced yesterday, the Packers have elected to keep both Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzein on their 53 man roster,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

This preseason, as we all know, Flynn and Tolzein played pretty well, making the decision to somehow not keep one of them an extremely tough one.

So, as was previously stated, the Pack have intelligently given each member of the duo a chance (although Flynn will apparently be used as the primary backup, according to the aforementioned Demovsky), something that should pay off this year if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt again.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Packers To Keep Just One Backup QB on 53-Man Roster

The Packers will keep just one backup QB on their 53-man roster this season, Pro Football Talk reports.

Currently, the battle for that spot is between veteran Matt Flynn and youngster Scott Tolzein, who both performed well this preseason.

Still, since this news appears to be legit it looks like the Pack have a tough decision to make here, as Aaron Rodgers getting hurt is obviously something they need to prepare for (just in case).

Flynn and Tolzein, who both started at times for the team last year during Rodgers' absence, each had big nights Thursday against the Chiefs, completing 7/15 passes for 102 yards and 12/18 for 139, respectively.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Adams Tears ACL; Will Miss Entire Season

If you've followed the Packers at all this preseason, it's no secret to you that they've sustained a good amount of injuries.

From rookies Jared Abbrederis and Colt Lyerla to Brandon Bostick, Don Barclay, and J.C. Tretter, the Pack couldn't seem to stay healthy during the last month, a trend that has to end eventually.

Unfortunetaly, though, that eventual occurrence won't come today, with's Rob Demovsky reporting that rookie Tackle Adams will miss all of 2014 with a torn ACL. 

No, this loss won't ruin Green Bay's year, but yes, it will force them to look for a new offensive lineman, something that must be annoying considering Adams looked alright during his time on the field.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Notes From Packers' 34-14 Win Over the Chiefs

Some notes from the Packers' 34-14, preseason-ending win tonight over the Chiefs:

Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzein. Wrapping up their competition for the backup QB spot, Flynn and Tolzein both played well in this easy W, completing 7/15 passes for 102 yards and 12/18 for 139, respectively. 

LaDarius Perkins. Since Eddie Lacy didn't play this evening, it was inevitable that somebody else would steal his spotlight, with that someone eventually proving to be Perkins, who collected a team-high 45 rushing yards on 8 carries.

Jeff Janis and Davante Adams. Also stepping up to fill-in the spots vacated by the not-playing starters today were young WRs Janis and Adams, who each collected TD catches to end the contest early.

Final Preseason Preview: Chiefs at Packers

The only starter who needs watching is the newest one: C Corey Lindsey, who won't even have a chance to play with QB Aaron Rodgers in a game before the regular season opener. Since the only other center on the roster is Garth Gerhart, who I don't expect to make the cut (maybe the practice squad, again) and the backup, backup plan is starting guard Josh Sitton, it's not likely that Lindsey will do anything to lose the job.
I've seen players have great final preseason games and still find themselves released by the end of the weekend. I expect GM Ted Thompson already knows who he wants to keep. But, as special teams coach Shawn Slocum said, he hasn't set his special teams unit so there could be tweaks to the roster, and a last minute trade or waiver claim from another team is very possible.

I still think the Packers keep both Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien on the 53-man roster. They need three quarterbacks, even if they'd like to stash one on the practice squad, and there's no one else to choose from. Maybe they could add a QB from another team to the practice squad after the final cuts, but that sounds like an unnecessary risk just so they can keep a 10th linebacker. Though Tolzien is still eligible for the practice squad, I think he'd be claimed if the Packers released him, so it's not possible to stash him there.

So I don't expect to watch any final roster battles, but I hope to watch Flynn and Tolzien succeed against the Chiefs' backups and the backup front seven dominate on defense. It could be an entertaining game against a Chiefs team with solid depth.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lacy Could Lead League in Rushing, Packers RB Coach Says

To us Packers fans, it's no secret that Eddie Lacy's one of the best RBs in the NFL.

Still, to say that he'll lead the league in rushing at this point in his career seems a little unlikely, something Green Bay RBs Coach Sam Gash apparently doesn't care about. 

"Without a doubt," Gash told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earlier today. "He has the capability of being the leading rusher and maybe even combined yards if he catches a lot of balls. I absolutely do think that."

In other words, it appears the Pack are beginning to get a little cocky here with their prized sophomore, someone who was good last year yet still has a lot to prove.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Packers TE Bostick Claims Injury Came at Perfect Time

Packers TE Brandon Bostick, who hasn't played or practiced since hurting his leg in last Saturday's win over the Rams, is claiming that the injury came at a "perfect time."

According to USA Today, Bostick sees the wound as something that won't keep him out that long, while also giving other candidates for the position extra chances.

Bostick, 25, is currently entering the third year of his NFL career, each of which has come with Green Bay.

Knowing that, you'd probably assume that a man who's never left the bench like Bostick would be frustrated by the fact that he'll miss the beginning of the season, although apparently that's not the case, something you can't help but amire in a young guy. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Packers Unsure if Guion Will Play Thursday

The Packers are unsure if recently-signed DT Letroy Guion will play in Thursday's preseason finale against the Chiefs, Rob Demovsky reports. 

According to Demovsky, the Pack will have Guion, an ex-Viking, take more reps during Wednesday's practice, although even success then likely won't guarantee anything.

"We'll take another step further at Wednesday's practice in getting some more reps and keep progressing," McCarthy said earlier today. "It'd be foolish to throw him out there and give him a full load." 

Prior to this year's training camp, as you may or may not remember, Guion suffered a severe hamstring injury, something that's unfortunetaly kept him out until now. 

Preseason Game Number Three: Packers Easily Beat Raiders

It wasn't an awesome performance on the part of the Green Bay Packers. The first team offense punted on three consecutive drives. A missed blocking assignment between Josh Sitton and David Bakhtiari led to a sack. WR Randall Cobb dropped a couple passes. Neither of the potential starting TEs can run block. A whole bunch of defenders can't tackle RB Maurice Jones-Drew. And CB Sam Shields went on a pass interference spree.

Despite all that, by the time all the starters left the field, the Packers had a 22-7 half time lead and it never felt like the Raiders were in the game. The Packers are looking like a Super Bowl caliber team because they can control a game even when they aren't playing their best football. They made it look easy against a team that they should have beaten.
The Packers lost both C JC Tretter and NT B.J. Raji to injuries. Raji is lost for the year with a torn triceps and I'm not sure how exactly they'll replace him. Veteran free agent NT Letroy Guion is back at practice but I wouldn't be surprised to see them go younger with Josh Boyd and Mike Pennel. Raji was making plays in the backfield this preseason, so is Pennel but against the second team offensive lines. It won't be a big dropoff but they'd have been better with Raji.

Tretter has made some mistakes this preseason, but he's also made some nice blocks, and his absence (up to six weeks) is worst than Raji's because rookie C Corey Lindsay will have to take over and he has zero experience with the first team offense. They can make transition in short order with a veteran line and quarterback, but Lindsay's bound to make some mistakes in the first couple weeks that he might have gotten out of his system in the preseason, had he started with the first team offense from the beginning.

As for the rest of the preseason performances:

Who should start at tight end? Both Richard Rodgers and Andrew Quarless showed that they're good receivers, and they both demonstrated that they can't block anyone on a run play. It'd be nice if they had a Tom Crabtree type player to lineup in short yardage. It doesn't matter which one starts, but I expect the team want Rodgers to go first.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew's long touchdown run. Both starting safeties and a couple of starting linebackers all missed tackles/took bad angles on a straight up the middle touchdown run. It's not a big surprise that it happened, poor tackling was a problem last season too, but it shows that the defense is still lacking up the middle.

The defensive backs. While Morgan Burnett and Micah Hyde were missing Jones-Drew on the ground, neither one was challenged in pass coverage because the Raiders don't have a healthy QB with enough arm strength to challenge down the middle. It was up to the cornerbacks to stop the 10-yard out routes from Matt Schaub, and CB Davon House looked great while subbing for CB Casey Hayward. However, Shields couldn't keep his hands off the receivers, which is unusual for him. Backup safety Sean Richardson has been locked into a roster spot all preseason, and he's got to be the hardest hitter on the team. He forced a fumble which unfortunately led to a season ending injury for a Raider running back.

The pass rush. The Raiders have a solid veteran at left tackle (Donald Penn) but he couldn't stop either Julius Peppers or Nick Perry. And undrafted rookie Jayrone Elliott continued his dominance over second string left tackles. Clay Matthews and Mike Daniels haven't made much noise this preseason, but I'm not worried about either of them. Once Dom Capers opens up the playbook in the regular season, this could be a great pass rush.

RB DuJuan Harris. He had a fumble against the Rams, but that all seems forgotten as he was their main backfield weapon against the Raiders. He showed a lot of quickness, even if he doesn't have a lot of speed, and his only real threat for a roster spot is RB Michael Hill, who might be a better candidate for the practice squad.

Scott Tolzien vs. Matt Flynn. If QB Chase Rettig had a better training camp, he's already been released, then maybe Flynn would have been in danger. But he's done just enough, despite an ugly INT on his second pass attempt, and Tolzien has been zipping passes all over the field while keeping the offense moving. Maybe Flynn will be the official backup because of his experience, but Tolzien's the better player right now.

WR Davante Adams and Jeff Janis. While Tolzien was throwing passes to Chris Harper (since released), Jake Stoneburner, and Alex Gillett, he couldn't connect with either Adams or Janis. It's concerning that the talent goes to Adams and Janis, but the production is going elsewhere. The Packers will chose talent and potential over great preseason stats, but it was a disappointing game for Adams and Janis.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tretter Out "Multiple Weeks" With Knee Injury

In what can almost be surprised as an unsurprising happening, Packers Center J.C. Tretter will miss "multiple weeks" with a serious knee injury, Team Head Coach Mike McCarthy told earlier today. 

Tretter, a second-year player out of Cornell, was supposed to be Green Bay's starter this season, something that obviously won't happen now. 

So, as The Packers' Official Blog points out, recent fifth round draft pick Cory Linsley will likely be the guy to take over Tretter's position, a change that probably won't make a huge difference in how things play out yet is still definitely worth knowing. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Raji Out For Season After Tearing Bicep

Packers Nose Tackle B.J. Raji will miss the entire 2014 season after tearing his bicep in yesterday's win over the Raiders, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports. 

The injury, the first serious one of Raji's career, is expected to take 4-6 months of recovery, according to The Press-Gazette's Ryan Wood.

Raji, 28, signed a one-year, $4 million deal with Green Bay earlier this summer, just months after declining a contract worth five times that.

No, that fact doesn't make this wound any better, but yes, it does make it more tolerable, as losing a guy worth little for a campaign is obviously not as bad as one worth much.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Notes from Packers' 31-21 Win Over the Raiders

Some notes from the Packers' 31-21 win tonight over the Raiders:

Aaron Rodgers. During his two quarter performance, Rodgers wasn't really as sharp as usual, but still, he did do pretty well overall, completing 9 of his 20 passes for 139 yards and 2 TDs.

Dajuan Harris. Harris easily led the Pack in rushing, racking up 56 yards on 12 carries for a solid 4.7-per-play average.

Richard Rodgers. Green Bay's other guy named Rodgers didn't actually do much, but since he did still collect 2 receptions and 40 yards it seems reasonable to name him the TE of the night. 

Julius Peppers. So far this preseason, Peppers hasn't been as sharp as the Pack would like, something that definitely changed in this evening's W, with Peppers impressively recording 3 tackles and a sack. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Forbes Ranks Packers Fans NFL's Best

Forbes has ranked Packers fans NFL's best.

Immediately behind Green Bay on the recently-released list are the Broncos, Saints, Patriots, and Ravens, with the arch-rival Bears also making the top 10 with the ten spot.

According to Forbes, 84% of adults in the Green Bay Area are fans of the team, an unsurprising statistic considering Lambeau's constant sellouts.

Also, since the Pack have probably the NFL's most notable history you can't exactly even be proud of this news, as likable as it is. 

Remember, in their history the Packers have impressively won a league-best 13 titles, something that can only be expected to draw supporters.

Preseason Game Number 3: Packers Host The Raiders

I'm just glad their playing at home. Watching these first two preseason games in bad weather (Tennessee) and in a stadium filled with empty seats (St. Louis) makes me long for Lambeau Field. But the current forecast calls for either thunderstorms or fog, so it's not exactly ideal playing conditions.

The starting lineup is pretty much set, and the biggest thing to watch against the Raiders is whether Matt Flynn or Scott Tolzien can move ahead in the backup quarterback battle. There will be a lot of individual players battling for a roster spot, and rookies like 4th round LB Carl Bradford are going to have start showing something if they want a spot on the 53-man roster. A few guys should be considered safe as backups, I don't think CB Jarrett Bush will ever lose his roster spot, but everyone should play like their job is on the line.

As for the Raiders, I'm not sure what to make of them. And one of their most interesting young players won't be stepping onto the field:
I really want former Packer executive Reggie McKenzie to succeed as GM of the Raiders, but he's not off to a great start. His first draft choice from 2013 (CB D.J. Hayden) is so far a bust with constant injuries. He's like the Justin Harrell of the Raiders. McKenzie traded for veteran checkdown specialist QB Matt Flynn in 2013, and he traded for another checkdown artist in 2014 (QB Matt Schaub). Schaub's arm strength looked non-existent against the Lions. It's easy to understand why Carr might seem so much promising when compared to Schaub.

The Raiders have signed a whole bunch of veterans who are trying to extend their career (Charles Woodson, Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Carlos Rogers, Maurice Jones-Drew) after being released, which isn't a bad idea considering the Raiders have had to strip away all the dead wood from the last of the Al Davis years. Fielding a team with veterans on short-term contracts will keep them competitive and create a better environment for the young players to develop.

But McKenzie has got to improve the roster through the draft. Hayden's hurt, the QB they drafted last year (Tyler Wilson) has already been released, and their 2014 1st round pick (LB Khalil Mack) has so far been underwhelming. Yes, it's early for Mack, but if he's really such an elite athlete you'd expect him to look pretty good against backup players in the preseason. The Raiders are looking to their veterans as a strength of the team, when the spotlight should be on their 1st and 2nd year players.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Packers Release Injured TE Colt Lyerla

The Packers have released injured Tight End Colt Lyerla, USA Today's Tom Pelissero reports. 

Lyerla, a rookie out of Oregon, tore multiple ligaments in his knee earlier this week, an injury that will probably keep him out a couple of months.

So, in a move that'll definitely surprise some, the Pack cut him this afternoon, officially limiting their amount of possible starters to just three (Recent Draftee Richard Rodgers, and longtime backups Andrew Quarless and Brandon Bostick)

Lyerla, 21, signed with the Pack this summer after a workout, giving him the NFL chance he originally didn't have after going undrafted.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Former Packer Collins Officially Retires

Former Packers Safety Nick Collins has officially retired from the NFL, NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk reports.

During his playing time with Green Bay from 2005-2011, as you probably remember, Collins was a huge part of the team's defense, collecting 417 tackles and 6 interceptions en route to 3 Pro Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl ring in 2010.

However, in 2011 all of that success ended when Collins sustained a severe neck injury against the Panthers, an event that eventually led to today's news.

Collins, 31, was released by the Pack in October 2012, essentially ending his professional career.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Flynn/Tolzein Competition To Go Through The Final Preseason Game

The competition for the Packers' backup QB job between Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzein will go through the team's final preseason game, QB Coach Alex Van Pelt recently told's Rob Demovsky. 

"I would think that would be the fair way to do it," Van Pelt said this week. 

In Green Bay's first two exhibition contests, as you probably already know, both of their possible arms have looked pretty good, likely meaning this decision will be hard to make two weeks from now.

Nonetheless, since a pair of contests do currently remain on the exhibition schedule a lot can obviously happen before actual play begins, with this Friday's hosting of the Raiders beginning what should be a very entertaining seven day period.

Packers Preseason: Beat Rams 21-7 in St. Louis

The headliners were the two starting QBs. It was the first preseason action for Aaron Rodgers, and the first time Sam Bradford played in a game since last October, when he tore his ACL. Rodgers looked great, but the offensive line gave him a time to throw and he made it look easy.

The biggest play of the game was made by the rookie, in his first preseason NFL game:
Janis and WR Davante Adams stood out and took the lead in the battle for the No. 4 and 5 WR spot. Adams was always going to make the final roster, but he could still slip down the depth chart if he struggles in the final two preseason games.

On offense and defense, the first team players still look like the opening week starters. There are only two positions that still could change:

Tight end. TE Brandon Bostick was their lone reported injury, which was unfortunate because he probably had the best game among the top three TEs. Rookie Richard Rodgers wasn't even targeted and he didn't look good blocking. Andrew Quarless had a big gain at the end of the 1st quarter on a busted coverage, but he also committed offensive pass interference on a 4th quarter pass attempt. If Bostick can bounce back quickly, he's probably in the lead to start.

FS HaHa Clinton-Dix. On a 41 yard completion to Rams' WR Brian Quick near the start of the 2nd quarter, CB Sam Shields went underneath in coverage expecting safety help. Instead, Clinton-Dix didn't go for the ball or the tackle, and Quick ran right around him on his way to an extra 20 yards. It wasn't a great day for safeties, TE Lance Kendricks beat Micah Hyde for a touchdown later on the same drive, but Clinton-Dix isn't ready to start.

Speaking of 1st round picks, I expect him to start, but I still haven't seen much from DE Datone Jones. I don't know what to expect from him.

Matt Flynn vs. Scott Tolzien. Tolzien is the one who's making quick decisions and getting the ball out his hand. Flynn is the one throwing short, dump-off passes (Janis's TD pass was almost entirely yards after the catch) and he's holding the ball too long. But Tolzien's drives don't lead to touchdowns, though a Tolzien TD pass to WR Myles White was waived off because of a penalty on rookie C Corey Lindsay. Meanwhile, Flynn is more likely to lead them to points. They'll still need the final two preseason games to sort out who should be the backup, but I don't know who's in the lead.

As for the backups on offense, I already mentioned Janis, but elsewhere on offense RB DuJuan Harris fumbled away the only turnover in the game, which will put some pressure on him for the remainder of the preseason. OT Derek Sherrod struggled in pass protection on at least three occasions after a good game against the Titans. He's still the biggest lineman on the roster, and I don't expect them to give up yet on their former 1st round pick, but he's not ready to step in and start if needed.

As for the backups on defense, former 1st round LB Nick Perry is definitely on the second team now that LB Julius Peppers is on the roster, but the entire second team front seven looked good. I wasn't ready to jump on the NT Mike Pennel bandwagon last week, the guy couldn't get on the field at Arizona State in college, but he did look good again this week. His biggest problem is that I'm not sure whether the Packers intend to keep two nose tackles.

It was a sack-fest for undrafted LBs Jayrone Elliott and Adrian Hubbard, but they were rushing against a sieve of a left tackle for the Rams. They both showed speed around the edges, but it's not clear they're faster than either backup LB Nate Palmer or Andy Mulumba. A three sack performance (Elliott) would usually be enough for any player to earn a roster spot, however, Elliott will have to keep it up to prove this game was no fluke.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Packers Don't Think Bostick's Leg Injury is Serious

The Packers don't think TE Brandon Bostick's leg injury is serious,'s Rob Demovsky reports.

During yesterday's preseason win over the Rams, Bostick sustained the wound, the details of which have yet to be revealed.

Nonetheless, this news is definitely good for Green Bay, as who will start for them at Jermichael Finley's old position this year is a complete mystery.

Remember, since Colt Lyerla just got hurt and will be out weeks this season's TE possibilities have begun to dwindle, with Bostick, longtime backup Andrew Quarless, and rookie Richard Rodgers really the only possible candidates at this point.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Notes From Packers' 21-7 Win Over The Rams

Some notes from the Packers' 21-7 win over the Rams this afternoon:

Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers looked like his usual self today, completing 11/13 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.

Mason Crosby. Crosby continued his great summer in this W, successfully converting both a 31 and a 49 yard field goal while also making a pair of extra points.

DaJuan Harris. Harris led Green Bay with 32 rushing yards on 7 carries this afternoon.

Scott Tolzein. Tolzein wasn't necessarily great during his few drives, but since he did complete 10/15 passes for 107 yards you could definitely appreciate his performance. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Former Packers LB Bishop Signs With Cardinals

Former Packers LB Desmond Bishop has signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals, Pro Football Talk reports.

From 2007-2012, as you probably remember, Bishop was a constant contributor to Green Bay's defense, even starting for them in 2010 and 2011.

However, during the 2012 preseason opener Bishop sustained a severe hamstring injury, ending his year and eventually leading to his release the following offseason.

Since then, unfortunately, things haven't really gotten any better for the former Super Bowl Champion, definitely making this piece of news likable, as it gives a deserving veteran another chance to help out a playoff contender.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lyerla Out "Weeks" After Tearing MCL, PCL

Rookie Packers TE Colt Lyerla will be out "weeks" after tearing both his MCL and PCL in a Family Night practice Sunday night, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bon McGinn reports. 

On the play the injuries occurred on, interestingly, Lyerla had just hurdled CB Jumal Rolle after catching a Matt Flynn pass, appearing to make himself due for a nice contribution.

Unfortunetaly, though, that wouldn't prove to be the case, with #49 getting hit hard by Jarrett Bush seconds later.

To make things even worse, exactly how long Lyerla will be out isn't yet known, something that must be killing HC Mike McCarthy, as the latter has already had to deal with multiple serious injuries over the last month.

What's With All The NFL Camp Fights This Year?

I'm not sure if there are more fights in NFL camps this year, I actually doubt it, but there certainly is more media than ever and more attention on the things that happen during practice.
For the Packers, it was two assistant coaches; OL coach James Campen and LB coach Winston Moss. Having met Winston Moss once, I'm not at all surprised he was involved; he's a very intense guy. He probably looks like he's ready to go onto the field and tackle someone at every practice. But as the beard comment above indicates, this fight wasn't a big deal.

As for the rest of the goings on in practice this week, I don't want to read much into it whether Julius Peppers is off to a slow start. In his case, he's a player known for taking plays off so it shouldn't be a big surprise that he didn't bring his A Game last week during a monsoon in Tennessee. I'm not expecting to see too much of QB Aaron Rodgers against the Rams on Saturday because keeping all the starters healthy is the No. 1 goal this preseason.

Rodgers Will Play Saturday in St. Louis

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will play in Saturday's preseason game against the Rams, Cheesehead TV reports.

During last Saturday's contest in Nashville, strangely, Rodgers didn't appear for his usual one series, surprising many.

Nonetheless, since he is competing this week I guess we have something to look forward to, as the Edward Jones Dome-hosted event will air live on the NFL Network.

Rodgers, 30, missed eight weeks last year with a broken collarbone, likely making some eager to watch him play this summer.

I mean, when someone like #12 goes down you have to make that time up somewhere, even if that is during the exhibition season.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Packers Trade Worthy to Patriots for Late Round Pick

The Packers, in a move that really needed to be made, have traded third-year DE Jerel Worthy to the Patriots for a potential late round pick,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

After being drafted 51st overall in 2012, Worthy hasn't done much for Green Bay, recording just 2 1/2 sacks in 14 games that season before suffering a severe knee injury in Week 17.

Since then, unfortunately, things haven't been too good for the 24-year-old, who ended up missing all of 2013 before appearing in just two contests last season. 

To make things even worse, the youngster also hasn't even practiced this summer, likely making this move an easy one for Green Bay, as it includes no risk and potentially high reward.

Next Man Up: Jeff Janis Might Be Their Third Best Receiver

As the Packers opened training camp, most everyone was expecting that their No. 3 WR would be Jarrett Boykin (who's had an average camp) and their No. 4 would be 2nd round pick Davante Adams, but he's dropping passes in practice and muffed two punts in the first preseason game. Even the young veterans (Chris Harper, Kevin Dorsey and Myles White) who I expected to be a step ahead of the rookies are dropping passes, Harper dropped a two-point conversion at Tennessee, and they all better improve quickly or they'll be released before the end of the month.

An amazing athlete who has a strong grasp of the playbook can pretty much guarantee a roster spot at nearly every position, but a receiver or running back who can't hold onto the ball has almost no chance of a long-term future. It often turns out that the player who actually shows good hands during training camp is the receiver who ends up earning the last receiver's spot.
The one droptastic exception has been their 7th round pick WR Jeff Janis. A case of the shingles kept him out of their first preseason game, but if he's learned the offense, he might find himself as the No. 4 wide receiver because he's hanging onto the ball. I doubt he has a chance of moving ahead of Boykin, but he might start outplaying him very soon if this keeps up.

Assuming he's cleared to play, the player I'll be most interested in watching in their next preseason game is Janis.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nelson Day-to-Day After Suffering Hamstring Injury

Packers Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson is currently listed as day-to-day after suffering a hamstring injury last week,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

During Saturday's preseason opener in Tennessee, strangely, Nelson didn't play, the reason for which remained unknown until today. 

Fortunetaly, though, the injury doesn't seem to be anything serious, and #87 is expected to play this weekend.

Nelson, 29, just signed a 4-year/$39 million extension with Green Bay a couple of weeks ago, a deal that likely needed to be done when you consider this year's reasons for concern, most notably the sudden absence of longtime-catcher James Jones.

How The Packers Looked As They Lost 20-16 To The Titans In A Downpour

You've probably read elsewhere about QBs Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien (4th stringer Chase Hettig got a long look too) and they were about the same as they were in 2013. After watching the backup preseason QB disaster of 2013 (Graham Harrell! Vince Young!) Flynn and Tolzien are already ahead of where the team was at this time last year. They are both clearly backup caliber QBs, but at least their legitimate backup caliber.

The game's MVP (if that's something that should even be awarded in a preseason game) would go to RB James Starks, who got room to run from his offensive line and made some moves in traffic against the Titans's first string defense.
A lot of playing time went to backup players who are longshots for a roster spot, and I didn't think anyone stood out. Here are some of the bigger name players who I was watching.

LB Julius Peppers. He didn't record a stat and was usually getting single blocked. It was not an encouraging start, but he didn't have a lot to prove in a driving rain and the defense wasn't disguising their pass rush. The Packers overall didn't get after the QB (their only two sacks came on DB blitzes by Jarrett Bush and Jumal Rolle) and I'd like to see more from them in the coming weeks.

LB Nick Perry and DE Datone Jones. Their 2012 and 2013 1st round picks did little. While Jones will be in the DE rotation and have another chance, it's discouraging that Perry is still behind former DE Mike Neal. With Peppers now blocking him too, it's hard to imagine Perry playing a big part in the defense.

FS HaHa Clinton-Dix. He got taken for a ride by RB Dexter McCluster, but he did record a pass defense and made a nice tackle near the line of scrimmage. He should still be behind Micah Hyde and Morgan Burnett, but he outplayed Sean Richardson (who looked late in coverage and drew one flag).

LB Brad Jones. He was drawn inside (along with the rest of defense) while RB Shonn Greene cut back for his touchdown run. It wasn't a strong play for the defense. I'm not sure if he's really going to hold onto his starting job or if Jamari Lattimore can move ahead.

LB Carl Bradford. I was hoping the Packers had found something in their rookie 4th round pick, but he didn't get on the field until very late in the game. I'm not sure whether he might end up a bust or he's still a player who needs to develop.

WR Davante Adams. All the returners on both teams struggled to hang onto the ball, but Adams completely missed the punt that bounced off his chest and was recovered by the Titans deep in Packer territory. I'd be surprised to see him back on punt returns. He did look good as a receiver, but he was mostly running short routes for Matt Flynn.

OL Derek Sherrod. He lined up at both tackle positions and looked as good as any of the backups. It was just nice to see him back on the field after barely playing since he broke his leg in 2011.

TE Richard Rodgers. He had a reception, but he also made a block on Starks's touchdown run. He looked bigger than I expected.

WRs Chris Harper and Kevin Dorsey. They received the most targets, so they seem like the obvious choices for the No. 5 receiver spot. Harper had one huge gain (the Titans blew the coverage) and he dropped a two-point conversion attempt. No one really stood out from this group.

C JC Tretter. He was hustling in his first NFL start, but he did appear to be overpowered on a first quarter rushing play. It was nothing terrible, but it's unsurprising that he still has some room for growth.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

McCarthy: Tolzein Did A Lot of Good Things in Preseason Opener

After yesterday's preseason-opening loss to the Titans, Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that backup QB candidate Scott Tolzein "did a lot of good things."

As for evidence for his opinion, unsurprisingly, McCarthy pointed to Tolzein's conversion of a 2nd and 20 that got the Pack into the red zone, probably the team's offensive highlight of the night.

Overall, as I wrote yesterday, Tolzein impressively completed 8 of his 12 passes for 124 yards in the contest, numbers that, should they keep coming, will likely land him a place on the team.

Remember, going into this year's training camp #16's competing with fellow arms Matt Flynn and Chase Rettig for a spot on the main roster, something that'd be a pretty big upgrade from his third-string role last season.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Notes From Packers' 20-16 Loss to Titans

Some notes from the Packers' preseason-opening, 20-16 loss tonight to the Titans:

Scott Tolzein. In this evening's contest, surprisingly, Aaron Rodgers didn't play his normal one series, but that doesn't mean his position wasn't still fun to watch, with Scott Tolzein completing 8 of his 12 passes for 124 yards.

James Starks. Despite getting just 6 carries, Green Bay's backup for at least the next two years put up some pretty good numbers during this defeat, with his yard total reaching an impressive 49.

Dajuan Harris. Playing in his first game since 2012, Harris was also solid when it came to rushing the ball in this one, racking up 18 yards on 7 carries.

Mason Crosby. Crosby didn't do much tonight, but since he did make a go-ahead 32 yard field goal in the fourth quarter he did technically contribute.

Richard Rodgers and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: Caught one pass for 10 yards and collected three tackles, respectively. 

Friday, August 08, 2014

McCarthy Confident Going into 2014

After last season's injury-filled campaign ended with an elimination in the wild card round, Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy is confident his team will do better this year.

"I feel like everything's lined up for us," McCarthy told USA today, "with the buildings and the upgrades and everything. It's all about progress and growth. That's the way we run our football operations, and I feel like we're just getting ready to have our best run, hopefully."

Of course he had to add that hopefully at the end, as any kind of too-confident approach will likely jinx Green Bay's health come September.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Seven Packers, Burnett Included, Declared Ineligible for Preseason Visit to Tennessee

Seven Packers, starting Safety Morgan Burnett included, have been declared ineligible for Saturday's preseason opener in Tennessee. 

Three of the other six, unsurprisingly, are the injured Jared Abbrederis, Don Barclay, and Colt Lyerla, with fellow Safety Tanner Miller, Defensive Tackle Letroy Guion, and Defensive End Jerel Worthy rounding things out.

According to's Rob Demovsky, Burnett suffered the oblique strain Monday, with its severity not yet known.

The Packers, coming off last season's NFC North-winning year, will somewhat begin their 2014 campaign Friday night at 7:00 pm CT, with the contest being shown on tape delay by NFL Network 8:00 am Saturday. 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Packers Won't Look to Add Another Offensive Lineman

In an article published earlier today by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein, Packers GM Ted Thompson revealed that the team isn't looking to add another offensive lineman in the wake of Don Barclay's injury.

"Not really," Thompson said. "We'll see. There's all kinds of turns and stops in terms of our roster. I think we have 15 total OL on our roster. We tried to acquire as many big men as we could in the off-season. We'll see."

Last season, interestingly, Barclay started fourteen games for the Pack, possibly making him a tough guy to replace.

Nonetheless, Thompson apparently isn't too concerned about his absence, an act that seems to imply confidence in whoever will take his spot. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Barclay Tears ACL; Will Miss 2014 Season

Packers Offensive Lineman Don Barclay suffered a torn ACL in practice today and will now miss the 2014 season, Pro Football Talk's Josh Alper reports. 

Apparently, during a pass blocking routine this afternoon Barclay was carted off the field with a knee injury, at first appearing to be nothing serious.

Unfortunetaly, though, that idea has since been proven incorrect, a frustrating truth Green Bay must be getting used to by now, as Barclay is one of three guys (joining Jared Abbrederis and Colt Lyerla, who will now miss several weeks) already this weak to go down with a major wound.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Favre: "I Was Always a Packer"

Shortly after it was announced yesterday that his number will be retired and that he will be inducted into the team's HOF next season, former Packers QB Brett Favre attempted to downplay the time he spent with the Jets and Vikings. 

According to Fox 11's Drew Smith, Favre is now claiming that he "was always a Packer," before later adding that the time he spent outside of Green Bay was "like borrowed time."

You may remember that earlier this offseason Pack President Mark Murphy was reluctant to bring the retiree back to Northern Wisconsin, citing the possibility of fans booing as a reason.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Lyerla Diagnosed With Knee Sprain

Packers Tight End Colt Lyerla has been diagnosed with a knee sprain, Cheesehead TV reports. 

During yesterday's practice, it was found that Lyerla had suffered some kind of leg injury, causing many Green Bay fans to hold their breath.

Fortunetaly, though, nothing too serious has been found, and the sprain won't keep Lyerla out for the 2014 season.

Remember, earlier this week it was announced that fellow rookie and ex-Badger Jared Abbrederis had torn his ACL, probably giving a good amount of Pack followers that "here we go again" feeling we've all become accustomed to over the last few years. 

Saturday, August 02, 2014

It's Official; Abbrederis is Out For the Season

Going into today, the Packers knew that the tests on WR Jared Abbrederis' knee would likely turn out badly.

Yesterday, the team found that the Abbrederis had torn his ACL, something they wanted to confirm this afternoon just in case their original discovery wasn't correct.

Still, unsurprisingly that didn't prove to be the case, with's Rob Demovsky reporting that the worst case scenario has turned out to be true, an unfortunate happening that will keep Abbrederis out for his rookie season (while also disappointing the many Wisconsin fans who wanted to see him play in Green and Gold).

Friday, August 01, 2014

Abbrederis Could Have Torn ACL

Packers Wide Receiver Jared Abbrederis could have a torn ACL, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn reports. 

Apparently, Abbrederis suffered a severe knee injury yesterday, something that was thought this morning to be the aforementioned wound.

Nonetheless, the Pack aren't taking any chances with that finding, planning to have the youngster undergo more tests for a confirmation.

Either way, this news has got to be dissapointing for Green Bay and their newest prospect, as the Badger State native who played his college ball at the University of Wisconsin from 2010-2013 is likely hurt badly even if his ACL turns out okay.