Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Reading after the Monday night disaster, it sounds like the newspaper has jumped off the bandwagon. Now the Packers have no depth at nose tackle. The Packers started the season with more nose tackles (NT Grady Jackson, NT Donnell Washington, and NT James Lee) then any of their recent rosters have boasted, but all three have gotten injured. doesn't even remember Washington, who the Packers acquired by trading up for in the 3rd round of the last draft, but he injured his foot in preseason and had to go on the IR. It was also wondering why the Packers hadn't acquired a better backup cornerback then CB Jason Horton, after it spent the preseason prasing him. CB Mike McKenzie really hurt the Packers by giving up on them, and it has forced the team to play cornerbacks who are in over their heads (CB Michael Hawthorne) or cornerbacks who don't have any experience (CB Ahmad Carroll and Horton). Both players have the physical ability to play, but they need more practice and playing time before they are good enough for the NFL. The cornerbacks should look a lot better in the second half of the season. could spend its time picking on the Packers linebackers. Other than LB Nick Barnett, the Packers are getting little play out of their linebackers. LB Na'il Diggs has made far too many plays and the other linebacker position has provided little either. None of the linebackers have been very good in coverage.

Football starts in the middle of the field and works its way out from the snap. The Packers aren't getting a good push off the ball either on defense (down to their 4th string nose tackle) or on offense (down to their 2nd string center). also got on the Packers for not blitzing more. Earlier in the season, the Packers were getting burned by the blitz. It was worthwhile to see if the defense can play opposing offenses straight up, but its apparent that they can't do it. Defensive coordinator Bob Slovak should go back to being more aggressive with blitzing.

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