Sunday, February 06, 2005

It looks like WR Donald Driver will be proven wrong. After various sources reported on Driver's radio show comments that QB Brett Favre would be retiring,'s Chris Mortenson reported that Favre will be staying. Hopefully Favre will be playing for a couple more seasons. Favre isn't the best QB in the NFL and he takes too many chances (although they work out as often as they don't), but he will remain a threat to lead the NFC in TD passes next season (he led the NFL in 2003 and QB Daunte Culpepper could throw fewer in 2005 if WR Randy Moss is traded and so might QB Donovan McNabb if WR Terrell Owens doesn't fully recover from his broken leg-remember WR Jerry Rice was never the same after he broke his kneecap) and the Packers could spend the next 25 years (approximate time between QB Bart Starr and Favre's careers) looking for as good a quarterback.

Bob Slowik decided for a change of scenery after the 2004 defensive disaster. Slowik coached a very good Packer secondary from 2001-2003 and was offered the opportunity to return to that position, but he accepted the same job for Denver, as reported by last week. He could have been a good coach for the Packers next season, but maybe this was for the best.

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