Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tom Silverstein wrote a great article on new defensive coordinator Jim Bates. Just go read it. It is going to be a pleasure to watch the defense improve next season under Bates. Bates could have remained in Miami and worked under new head coach Nick Saban, but instead he picked the opportunity to rebuild the shattered Packer defense. I still don't know why Bates made this decision; does he have something to prove or did he see something in the Packers defense that made him want to coach them?

By the way, the Packers still have no safeties on the roster. S Mark Roman is still around but he has a lot to prove. S Todd Franz was signed and he had spent some time on the Packers roster in the past, but he is unlikely to start or even make the roster. S Arturo Freeman is coming to town for a visit, according to, however if Freeman couldn't beat out former Packer S Antuan Edwards last season in Miami until Edwards was released mid-season, then Freeman isn't a full-time starter candidate either.

RB Najah Davenport resigned a small deal with the Packers for next season. It is not surprising that Davenport couldn't find a team that wanted to start him next season. 2004 was basically a lost season for Davenport with various injuries. He gets a mulligan with the Packers; forget 2004 ever happened, come back in 2005 healthy and without any serious competition as the backup tailback, have a big 2005 season, and sign for big money with another team for 2006. He would probably sign with the Packers if he could start, but it seems unlikely the Packers would part with RB Ahman Green, so it will probably have to be elsewhere in 2006. However, if Davenport doesn't look good in 2005, he has probably lost any chance of ever being a starting tailback in the NFL.

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