Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Minicamp started June 1 and continues on through the end of the week. The Packers need to work on revamping the offensive line and revamping the defense. It's hard to tell how either project is really going until the preseason starts, but there are a few stories of note at training camp anyway.

QB Brett Favre. Mike Sherman excused him, most likely to give the other three quarterbacks more practice time, but Favre showed up anyway. Favre had to travel to Green Bay for a charity softball game, so this is not a big surprise. Unlike past seasons with Sherman, when Favre sat out to rest an injury from the previous season, Favre could play. Maybe he should play. According to various articles from jsonline.com, the other three quarterbacks (QB Aaron Rodgers, Craig Nall, and J.T. O'Sullivan) have all beeen awful. Favre said at his softball game that he could play for a couple more seasons, which isn't a surprise because he hasn't suffered any major injury in his career and he still plays at a high level (high completion percentage along with a lot of TD passes).

WR Javon Walker. Walker's holdout doesn't have the drama like last season's holdout with CB Mike McKenzie. McKenzie had non-money complaints about the team, probably Sherman specifically, but Walker is a top 10 wide receiver in the NFL and wants to be paid like one. Walker needs a new contract in two seasons, so an extension isn't a bad idea, unfortunately how can Walker's extension be explained when compared to RB Ahman Green. Green has been a top 5 running back in the NFL over the last 3 to 4 seasons and hasn't been given a new contract during that time. The Packers could play without Walker, while Walker won't make any money next season without the Packers. The Packers should remain stubborn and refuse to give Walker a new contract.

TE Bubba Franks. Bubba doesn't have a new contract yet and he's skipping minicamp. But still it has been a great minicamp for Bubba because none of the other tight ends are showing any signs of life. Jsonline.com mentioned how the other three tight ends (TE David Martin, Ben Steele and Sean McHugh) have had cases of the drops. Steele got some playing time last season and spent most of it dropping passes from Favre. The Packers need at minimum one backup tight end but might have to look at free agency to find one.

WR Robert Ferguson. It is amazing to think that he started all of 2004 in front of Walker. He gets a mention here because he is hurt again in minicamp. WR Antonio Chatman outplayed Ferguson in 2004 and Ferguson should be concerned he remains on the Packers roster once Walker returns.

DT Cletidus Hunt. The only reason I can think of why the Packers didn't cut Hunt this offseason was that it wouldn't provide any cap savings. Hunt made few plays in 2004 and wouldn't remain a starter on a team with more depth at defensive tackle, however, the Packers don't have a world of depth at the position, especially with DT Grady Jackson still rehabing his 2004 injuries and DT James Lee having another injury in this June's minicamp. Hunt has been making some news by not showing up for minicamp, but this is voluntary and Hunt has had a tradition of missing voluntary workouts in the past. Since Hunt signed his big free agent contract a couple of seasons ago, it wouldn't be surprising if Hunt passed up over $1 million of workout/showing up incentives. This is just business as usual for Hunt.

FS Lance Schulters. Tennessee hasn't cut him yet, but the Packers confirmed for jsonline.com that he might be the only June 1st cut that the Packers might be interested in signing. Schulters can still play, at least according to comments I read on footballoutsiders.com, and Tennessee wants to keep him, however, at a cheaper price. Of all the free agents still unsigned, he would be the best signing the Packers could make.

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