Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh good, NT Grady Jackson has hired Drew Rosenhaus as his agent and is threatening to hold out. Since NFL teams rarely honor the contracts they negotiate with players, it is a bit hypocritical to insist all players honor their contracts too. Unfortunately, Rosenhaus was CB Mike McKenzie's agent last season during McKenzie's divorce from the Packers. The Packers lost out on the cornerback they really needed last season and McKenzie mailed it in when he did finally show up for the first few weeks. Hopefully, Jackson's holdout doesn't go the same route.

It is understandable that Jackson would want to improve what might be his last NFL contract, so he might holdout for some time. I still can't imagine WR Javon Walker will hold out for a significant length of time, although he is represented by Rosenhaus too. Walker is too young and probably too anxious to get back on the field, holding out for a season postpones unrestricted free agency by another season, and the Packers will hold much harder on Walker because Walker's demands will be at least 10 times Jackson's demands (probably even a lot more).

It seemed that Jackson's last contract was underpriced when he signed it in 2003, but he was coming off a season in which he just got cut by New Orleans. compared Jackson to NT Pat Williams and NT Ted Washington, but neither of those players were cut in the middle of the 2003 season. The deciding factor in whether to negotiate with Jackson might be the play of NT James Lee and NT Donnell Washington. If new defensive coordinator Jim Bates feels comfortable with the play Washington and Lee, then the Packers might find no pressure to negotiate with Jackson and let him sit out the season.

The other problem with renegotiating either Jackson or Walker's contract is that the Packers still haven't signed their top draft choices. QB Aaron Rodgers contract will be bigger than the usual 24th pick's contract because quarterbacks usually receive bigger contracts. It is from April 2005, but John Clayton says the Packers have less than $5 million available under the salary cap, which is very little to work with after signing Rodgers. The Packers tight cap will probably hurt Jackson and Walker's wishes too.

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