Thursday, March 23, 2006

Great. LB Paris Lenon was not a great player during his time with the Packers, but as the Packers thin linebacker depth chart stood, Lenon would have been considered their 2nd best linebacker way behind LB Nick Barnett. Teams shouldn't spend big in free agency to sign players other teams are not trying too hard to keep; such as the huge $18.5 million guaranteed payday Seattle gave LB Julian Peterson when San Francisco wasn't exactly throwing themselves in front of the train to keep him from leaving town. But teams should be trying hard to resign their own players that they want to keep. Mike McCarthy said. "Hey, that's free agency. You're not going to win 'em all, unfortunately." You haven't won anything this offseason! The only good side to this is that any player Matt Millen wants in Detroit can't be all that great.

The Packers offered ex-Cleveland LB Ben Taylor to fill one starting linebacker position, but then hit him with a low-ball one year offer that didn't get the job done. Maybe you can win that one Mike.

At this point, there is not one big name free agent that the Packers should pursue. LB Lavar Arrington is still available, but that is an ugly battle with the coaches and several lawsuits waiting to happen. It isn't clear how many battles the Packers won in free agency, they won on DT Ryan Pickett and DE Aaron Kampman but who knows how many battles they actually fought and lost.

The biggest signing by a division rival might have happened when Chicago signed QB Brian Griese. Griese is an average QB, but Chicago has been playing some of the league's worst QBs in recent seasons; QB Kyle Orton and QB Craig Krenzel being the worst of the bunch. QB Rex Grossman has his moments, but so far he has been a below average QB, when healthy. Still he looks like QB Peyton Manning after watching several games with Orton starting. Griese should make Chicago better next season.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree I think Griese will help the Bears out, but he is not that good.

Any word on if Brett is retiring yet?

Anonymous said...

Are the packers even going to spend money like the Viks?? or do you think they are waiting even longer to rebuild? I have been a packer fan all my life and it pains me to see them just lay down and let the viks that the table of free agents in the north.

Brandon said...

I've read that the longer Favre delays, the more likely he doesn't retire. Lets hope that is true.

Nope. Both the Vikes and Pack need interior offensive lineman and outside linebackers. Minnesota signs two of the best free agents available G Steve Hutchinson and LB Ben Leber. The Packers sign no lineman and LB Ben Taylor, who is probably viewed by most teams as a special teams player. One bonus for the Vikes active offseason; they started a contract "poison pill" war with Seattle and will probably lose WR Nate Burleson.