Thursday, April 27, 2006

Seriously? Denver and Miami are interested in WR Javon Walker and Ted Thompson is considering it. How many Pro Bowl players has Thompson ran out of Green Bay in the past two seasons? Thompson ran out Sharper, Rivera, and Wahle (alternate) in 2005, but he hadn't been able to run any out in 2006 (despite his efforts to encourage Favre's retirement). He could have let RB Ahman Green leave, but he's resigned so it is too late for that. So now it is on the disgruntled Walker. There is no way the Packers receive equal compensation for Walker because of his trade demands and his injured knee. Favre had one of his worst seasons in 2005 because the offensive line struggled and Favre didn't have enough quality receivers. Trading Walker is asking for a repeat of 2005.


Anonymous said...

Are you really that much of a hater of Thompson that you can not see the forest for the trees? Thompson did "run" anyone out of Green Bay. The cap is more friendly now. Rivera and Wahle wanted noney GB did not have. This year GC does have the money. Thompson was hamstrung by Sherman's poor handling of the cap situation. Thompson is an excellent GM. Very smart. I don't understand why people like you won't give him chance. You must eat at McDonalds and do all your shopping at the local quickie-mart - everything must be done fast and obvious - not well thoughtout and efficent. How old are you 15.

Brandon said...

If Thompson was such a good GM, he could have used the cap space available in 2006 to resign Mike Wahle and renegotiate with Darren Sharper in 2005. Instead he released two players who made it to the Pro Bowl in 2005 after their release. No other team did that. And a GM who takes control of a team coming off three 10-6 seasons and turns it into a 4-12 team doesn't deserve a lot of respect either.

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