Friday, August 18, 2006

K Billy Cundiff was cut, leaving 2nd year K Dave Rayner as the only kicker in camp. Neither kicker had much of an opportunity in the first preseason game, so it is hard to tell whether this was a good decision, but it does add to the list of puzzling decisions made by the Packers. Tom Silverstein reported that Cundiff "missed fewer field goals than Rayner and in the most recent kickoff drill in practice averaged 66.8 yards to Rayner's 60.1." So lately, Cundiff had outkicked Rayner, but Cundiff was cut? Mike McCarthy explains all when he said "[Rayner] has a strong leg. I think he has a winner's substance to him. I like his personality, I like his approach." McCarthy likes Rayner's "winner's substance" and that apparently trumped Cundiff's superior performance in practice. Brilliant.


IwatchEverything said...

Just saw that EJ Cochrane was released from the Eagles. This is the guy the Pack needs to end kicking woes. Get him! Longer than Akers on both field goals and kickoffs. And just as accurate. Easily the best kicker not yet in the NFL...Ask Akers!

Brandon said...

Hopefully we can see Cochrane kick in the last preseason game against Tennessee. Rayner has looked good so far, but he isn't a lock to make the roster yet.