Friday, June 08, 2012

Looking Back At The Second Week of OTAs

WR Randall Cobb is already looking fast and catching everything thrown to him, according to JS His 2011 season was really impressive considering he had a short offseason to learn the offense, but he's a great talent and the coaches limited his opportunities, which I'm sure helped the learning curve. A receiver's second season, after he's had a year to learn the offense and build a relationship with the quarterback, should be a big one. The coaches, and Aaron Rodgers, all like James Jones, so I don't think Cobb should be expected to move ahead of him. But Jones, Cobb, and Donald Driver could each play about the same number of snaps in 2012. More of this next season!

The Press-Gazette had a lot of comments after Tuesday's open practice:

I wasn't sure if the Packers had gotten anything except an injured player when they drafted T Andrew Datko  in the 7th round, but he's been playing at left and right tackle. I doubt he's in the mix to start, yet, at either position, but the Packers have some other free agent options in camp besides Datko, so he's moved ahead of a few other players already.

LT Marshall Newhouse is starting, but Derek Sherrod is being held out as he continues to rehab his injured leg. Sherrod might have a chance to move ahead and win the starting job, but he won't get his chance until training camp, at the earliest.

The emergence of undrafted OLB Dezman Moses continues, as he battles Erik Walden for the backup role behind Clay Matthews. Maybe he'll be no better than Walden, but it sounds like the Packers found another undrafted free agent keeper. Apparently Walden wants to start, but he'll have no chance if he's stuck behind Matthews. They are leaving the door wide open, unsurprisingly, for Nick Perry to start at the other outside linebacker position, with only Vic So'oto backing him up.

CB Sam Shields is holding off Casey Hayward and Davon House. I don't expect this position to be resolved until we see them all play this preseason.

I'm really glad to read that QB Graham Harrell is showing improved arm strength. The only reason the Packers survived with Matt Flynn as the backup in 2008 was because he wasn't needed. If Rodgers were to miss a game or two next season, I was afraid Harrell wouldn't be up to the task. But he seems to be improving, and I'm looking forward to watching him this preseason.


PackFaninFl said...

I know you don't like him, but you must include Jarrett Bush in the mix for corner. His statistics last year with fewer snaps on dime coverage were almost EQUAL to Sam Shields during his rookie year (as far as pass break ups and INTs). Granted, Shields was often put on an island against against the opposing 1 or 2. And Bush did give up a lot of +20 yard plays. But after his great INT in the Super Bowl and brief flashes of good play (against New Orleans and the Giants in emergency duty and he got an INT against Stafford) he certainly deserves some mention. At the very least as a possible slot corner. Bush is has good awareness and is very good against the run from the slot position as well.

Brandon said...

I don't like Jarrett Bush, but I think he's set as the special teams ace and understudy to Charles Woodson. It's strange, but it's like there are two types of CB positions on the roster. Woodson and Bush can be asked to play the sideline receiver, but usually they're in the slot. For example, Bush's INT in the Super Bowl was on a pass in the middle of the field on a short pass. Mike McCarthy is a fan of both Woodson and Bush, but based on comments I've read from him, he likes them both to play closer to the line of scrimmage.

Stroh said...

@ Brandon... You said there are 2 CB positions on the roster. Well thats something I've spoken about all offseason. Williams, Shields, House are outside CB. Their abilities make them ideally suited to playing outside against the WR closest to the sideline. THen we have Woodson, Bush and I would include Hayward as CB's who are much better suited to lining up inside on the slot WR. So just like there are outside WR who are always lined up there, and WR who always line up in the slot. Its all about finding players for all the roles you need on the field.

Only the truly elite are capable of lining up anywhere, anytime and being successful at any spot you line them up in.