Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jaws Calls It: A-Rod's The Best

I'm not going to make a big deal about Ron Jaworski's decision to call Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers the best QB in the NFL. Everything Rodgers has done over the past four seasons has been very impressive, including his continuing development. He gets better every season.

But I found Jaworski's Top 30 quarterback rankings interesting. When I was reading through it, I split the list into two parts: before Cam Newton at No. 15, and after Alex Smith at No. 16.

First, it's ironic that Jaws ranked those two quarterbacks next to each other since Smith's been making some headlines for himself by talking about Newton this summer. But I thought the same thing about every quarterback ranked No. 1 through No. 15: he's good enough to win a title. If Newton or Stafford or Schaub was my starting quarterback, I'd leave him alone as the starter, make sure he has a good coordinator and supporting cast, and look to improve the rest of my team.

But if I had Smith, or Josh Freeman or Matt Hasselbeck, as my starting quarterback, I wouldn't be all-in. Some teams, the Titans for example, already have second year player Jake Locker waiting in the wings. I wouldn't have spent a high draft choice on a backup for Sam Bradford, who deserves a chance to start with better teammates and away from Josh McDaniels, but I'd have at least one other young QB on the roster to develop.

I'm just surprised the line is so bright between Newton and Smith, and that's it's right in the middle of the list of the Top 30 quarterbacks.

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