Friday, August 10, 2012

Preseason Recap: Packers Beaten By The Chargers 13-21

It was an ugly, sloppy preseason game (which happens) but this might have been the best play for the Green Bay Packers: a Nick Perry sack. The Packers need a pass rush and Perry showed what he can do:
My notes on some other major points:

  • I never like seeing injuries during the preseason, and it sounds like Desmond Bishop suffered a serious one. The very limited description reminded me of the multiple leg injuries sustained by Chad Clifton last season, and it wasn't something he wasn't able to come back from. The only silver lining is that the Packers have some depth at inside linebacker, and Bishop was far from great last season.
  • No one should been surprised that Herb Taylor isn't the answer at left tackle. I guess the Packers had to give him a shot while Marshall Newhouse and Derek Sherrod were both out, and luckily Aaron Rodgers lived to throw another day.
  • Rodgers looked extra sloppy with two turnovers in three possessions, however, he's been so good at protecting the ball over his career that this should be just viewed as a blip on the radar.
It's hard to tell whether one bad (or good) preseason game should be a make-or-break moment for any backup player. I'm waiting until at least next week to give them a thumbs-up or down. Bring on the Browns!


PackFaninFl said...

Yeah, first preseason game. We are pretty much going vanilla across the board, 18 players out including three significant offensive players (Newhouse, J'Mike and Jennings), I am not going to fret over this one.

The thing about playing the Browns is this: they don't have the type of aerial assualt to really test our secondary. But if our secondary does poorly against the Browns, you KNOW we are screwed back there! lol

Another match-up of interest is Nick Perry going up against Joe Thomas. Hope they line him up there just to test the kid.

Brandon said...

It's too bad about House's injury; he looked good in the first half against the Chargers.

A bad pass offense can be a good judge of ability, then you know the backups are good or bad. I remember playing the Browns a couple years ago when they started Delhomme, and he torched Brandon Underwood, and I knew they should give up on him as a corner.