Tuesday, December 04, 2012

PFF On The Packers Over The Vikings

Pro Football Focus published it's weekly Re-Focused column on the Green Bay Packers. Some of it wasn't surprising (QB Christian Ponder had a bad day), and took note of three Packers:

TE Jermichael Finley. He had a good game on Sunday, but I couldn't exactly say why. While the praise from PFF isn't glowing, they pointed out a couple bits of good news. First, Finley's getting better as the season progresses. Second, he was somewhat of a go-to receiver, notably on their 11-minute drive in the fourth quarter. Third, he caught nearly all the passes (86%) thrown his way, which isn't something he's been good at this season.

RT Don Barclay. It was pointed out how Barclay struggled in pass protection, even with the additional help, and a missed run block was also noted. But his run blocking overall seemed strong and he made a solid block on RB James Starks' touchdown run. Still, the sooner RT T.J. Lang can return, the better.

LB A.J. Hawk. I was pretty unimpressed with Hawk versus the Giants, while I didn't think he stood out in a particularly bad way against the Vikings. Though, it's been a pretty mediocre season for him. However, in the end, I expect his 2012 season will be similar to last year, which was mediocre too. Unfortunately, that still makes him their best inside linebacker.

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