Friday, April 05, 2013

Packers announce 2013 preseason schedule

Today, the Packers released their 2013 preseason schedule, with three of their four exhibitions being played against the NFC West. Technically, the preseason doesn't matter, but I still enjoy it. For me it's the beginning of football. Unfortunately, nobody else thinks that.

Their first game will be played at Lambeau against the Cardinals. The date and time for that one have not yet been released, but expect it to be around the second week of August. The next week, the Packers will be visiting the Rams, another team with no expectations. After that, they will return to Green Bay to host the Seahawks on August 23. That one will kickoff at 7:00 pm CT and be broadcasted nationally on CBS. In the final week, the Pack will head to my hometown of Kansas City. Expect me to be on-hand for that one.


Brandon said...

It's too bad the KC game is the last one before the regular season. That last preseason game can be an ugly game. Though any game with extended appearance by Graham Harrell aren't pretty either.

Jack Niemuth said...

I don't care. If they win, I'm happy. I don't care if Rodgers doesn't play at all. The Packers rarely come to Kansas City and when they do I have to go. I went to a preseason game between these two at arrowhead a few years ago and it wasn't competitive. But it was still a Packers game. And Flynn played well.

Brandon said...

I agree. I'd be thrilled to see the Packers come to my current residence (Portland, OR), which hasn't happened since the 1950s as far as I know when they played an exhibition game against the 49ers.