Sunday, August 31, 2014

Packers Change Their Minds; Keep Both Flynn and Tolzein on Roster

In spite of what they announced yesterday, the Packers have elected to keep both Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzein on their 53 man roster,'s Rob Demovsky reports. 

This preseason, as we all know, Flynn and Tolzein played pretty well, making the decision to somehow not keep one of them an extremely tough one.

So, as was previously stated, the Pack have intelligently given each member of the duo a chance (although Flynn will apparently be used as the primary backup, according to the aforementioned Demovsky), something that should pay off this year if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt again.

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Brandon said...

After last season, they probably realize that Flynn and Tolzien are very hard players to replace. They might be able to add another linebacker or lineman off the street and get some production, but they can't do the same at quarterback.