Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Surprise! Packers Will Keep Bryan Bulaga

I wasn't too thrilled with the prospect of watching either JC Tretter (he struggled in spot duty at RT) or Don Barclay (coming off a lost 2014 season due to a knee injury) but I thought RT Bryan Bulaga would cost too much for the Green Bay Packers. Instead, it looks like the Packers were willing to meet his demands.
Now it's being reported that he'll receive a five-year, $35 million deal from the Packers. That's good for the 2015 team but a bit of a premium for a right tackle (the Cowboys just re-signed Doug Free for $5 million per season). If Bulaga had been viewed as a left tackle by other teams, his price tag might have been as high as $9 million per season.

The Packers can afford him in 2015 but his re-signing is probably going to force them to let T.J. Lang or Josh Sitton (or both) leave in a couple years. Several recent contracts are going to have big cap charges in a couple years (Rodgers, Matthews, Nelson, Shields, Cobb) and keeping Lang, Sitton, and Bulaga at a combined $20 million isn't going to be easy.

The Packers are built to win now so keeping the offensive line intact for a 2015 title run makes sense. But there is a slight premium being paid, so the Packers might not have as much salary flexibility in a couple years.

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