Monday, May 18, 2015

Keeping Up With The Packers Roster Post-Draft

The Green Bay Packers's rookie camp came and went with only OL Andy Phillips being signed after the tryouts. He had a great college career as a guard in the MAC but he's not the biggest guy (6-2 and exactly 300 lbs.) and might be giving up as much as 20 lbs. compared to Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang. But he's about the same size as Corey Linsley, so if he has any future it might be as a backup center.
There's nothing special, in general, about Luther Robinson. He showed some speed when he was forced into the rotation at mid-season, but he didn't produce much (only 2 tackles recorded). His release might have been a surprise because him and Mike Pennel were the only rookies to contribute at all on the defensive line last season. Maybe Robinson's not working well with the coaches, but he was placed on I.R. last December with a calf injury and he might still be struggling with it. If he's not healthy enough to participate in the OTAs over the next couple months then he loses a lot of his value. They could re-sign him later this summer if he gets healthy.
RB John Crockett might have been the biggest name undrafted free agent signing this year. He reminds me of James Starks as a bigger back with good speed for his size. But unlike Starks, who slipped in the draft because he spent a lot of time injured in college, Crockett went undrafted because he was a healthy workhorse throughout his college career and he took a lot of hits in 795 career college touches. There's not a lot of room for any back to stand out with Eddie Lacy around, so Crockett will be hoping for a chance at the 2015 practice squad.

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