Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Another Week Of OTA Practice For The Packers

I don't put much stock in the summer OTAs. It does show the current depth chart, but things change quickly once training camp opens and preseason games are played.
Their two most recent 4th round picks (LB Carl Bradford and LB Jake Ryan) are settling in as the backup inside linebackers. Since this is the defensive position that needs the most improvement in 2015, I'm interested on how it's going and if either one of them is ready to be a breakout starter. Though Ryan's a rookie and he hasn't so much as stepped on a field for an NFL game of any sort, in someways Bradford's an even bigger unknown since he didn't play a single snap on defense in his rookie year. Did Bradford need to essentially take a redshirt year to learn how to play on the inside or was the move done to delay his eventual release?

Neither one of them probably has a shot at moving ahead of LB Sam Barrington (or allowing them to move LB Clay Matthews outside full-time) for now, so they're just two guys to watch for the future.

They have several more days of OTAs this week and next before the mandatory mini-camp in two weeks. Though that minicamp will probably be shortened by a day for some team building through bowling or the like.

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Berdj J. Rassam said...

The Packers are poised to once again compete for the NFC Championship and beyond.