Monday, August 10, 2015

Packers Backup QB Situation: Patriots Release Flynn and Sign Lindley

I had just wrote about how the backup QBs didn't impress on Family Night, and then this happened, but I don't think it'll change anything for the Green Bay Packers:
If Matt Flynn was released because he was outplayed by Lindley, then that would be very bad. Ryan Lindley is a terrible NFL quarterback and Flynn should never lose a roster battle with him. But that does not appear to have been what happened.

I'm not exactly sure why Flynn didn't pass his physical but it might have something to do with his elbow and there might be something really wrong with it. The injury first surfaced in 2013 and he might have hurt it during a 2012 preseason game with the Seahawks. The Packers were so desperate for help in 2013 that they might have signed Flynn (and re-signed him in 2014) despite this concern. It might explain why they finally had to let him go and draft a young QB (Brett Hundley) in much better health.

I wish a healthy Matt Flynn were available to solidify the No. 2 QB spot while Hundley has time to develop as the No. 3, however, that doesn't look like an option. They probably have to get QB Scott Tolzien ready enough to be competent enough if he's forced to play.

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