Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Packers at Titans. Brett Favre sat out. Ahman Green sat out. What is it with the Packers and lighting storms this preseason? Is this a good or bad omen? I missed the game but so did most of the Packers starters. The biggest weakness in the game was the two long touchdown passes allowed, but one of them was thrown by Neil O'Donnell and it so impressed the Titans management that they cut him this weekend.

The roster was worked down to where I expected it and there were not any surprising cuts. I wasn't expecting William Henderson to be cut. I always liked Tool Box, but Frank Winters time with the team was up. Bill Ferrario hasn't done much in his three years with the team, and his refusal to play last year in NFL Europe signaled his end with the team. I didn't expect Lamar Smith or Herbert Goodman to stick either. I am surprised the Packers gave up on Scott McGarrahan so fast, but his contract might be too big, and I wonder if he might be resigned later at the veteran minimum. I am glad to read the Packers are keeping Carl Ford on IR this year while he recovers from a not-too-serious MCL tear so the Donald Driver comparisons can continue with Ford for the next year or so.

The Packers signed LB Armegis Spearman to an offer sheet and Cincinnati matched it last spring, but now Cincinnati cut him? The Packers could get him for minimum wage now, so if Spearman can play special teams I wouldn't be surprised if he is signed. All the interest I have read about in MarTay Jenkins is disappointing in that it means the Packers haven't found an adequate return man. I am not happy about that, and I am not happy with comments by Atlanta regarding all the interest the Packers showed in trading for Allen Rossum who they let leave in free agency two years ago. The Packers have tried to filled the kick returner position on the cheap and its not working. Hopefully Antonio Chapman can perform better than last year's cast of kick return characters and this problem with solve itself.

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