Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Akili Smith era is over. It's not too surprising after he played awful on Saturday and threw an interception returned for a touchdown against Carolina's backups, especially considering Doug Pederson and Craig Nall both have played better this preseason and both would be more likely to be able to step in as a starter than Smith. Some team might take him on as a number 3 QB but he would be better off on the practice squad for the Packers and learn how to play QB by watching Brett Favre. It is obvious Smith hasn't learned how to play the position, but I can't imagine his agent will let Smith sign up to anyone's practice squad. Tyrone Davis got cut too, which I feel is long overdue. He showed some promise in Mike Holmgren's last year (yes that long ago) but didn't live up to expectations and kept getting injured. This moment was inevitable the moment Wesley Walls signed. Steve Warren got cut which surprised me, because the Packers just signed Larry Smith for some emergency depth at defensive tackle and if one of the two got cut I would thought it would be Smith. This would have been Warren's fourth year with the club, but he has missed most of that time with injuries, notably a torn muscle that kept him out for over a year. But Warren has been working in the system for a while, so it must have just been obvious that Smith is a superior player.

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