Friday, February 13, 2004

It was surprising to read that Mike Sherman, Mark Hatley, Reggie McKenzie, John Schneider, and Tom Rossley all went to see a private workout by Drew Henson. "This isn't necessarily a unique situation", Sherman told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal. Sure it isn't. Henson looked outstanding running the offense during his one year as a starter in Michigan, although he played with an offense loaded with future NFL players. Sherman has ran two drafts and came away with two potential stars in Javon Walker and Nick Barnett, so I would expect any trade for Henson to be a good decision. An article last month on made the argument that it would be a shock if Henson was traded, instead of drafted in the upcoming April draft, because he could only receive a small signing bonus based on Houston's rookie draft cap for last season, but the Journal-Sentinal had a quote from Houston GM Charley Casserly that made it sound like it was more important for Henson to choose his first NFL team than to receive a huge signing bonus.

It seems unlikely that Henson would choose team over money, but why else would Houston host the workout, and Casserly attend it, if it isn't possible that Henson would consent to a trade? I don't know much about Henson, but maybe his agent, Tom Condon, told Sherman that Henson would consent to a trade to play for the Packers? If it was a workout to showoff for the draft, why weren't the high drafting and quarterback starved teams like Arizona, Cleveland or Pittsburgh in attendance with their head coaches?

I haven't been anxious for Brett Favre to retire and I haven't wanted the Packers to use a high draft choice on a quarterback because then they would have two starting quarterbacks salaries on their salary cap, but a trade for Henson would allow them to have a quarterback with the talent of a high draft choice on the salary cap at a 6th round draft choice price, at least for a season. It is a unique and very interesting opportunity.

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