Monday, February 02, 2004

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal had an article about Nick Barnett and how he felt guilty about his blown coverage on the 4th and 26 play vs. Philadelphia in the playoffs. Philadelphia had three receivers running routes on the play. Why would the Packers run a defense that required their middle linebacker to cover the slot wide receiver on a play 26 yards from the line of scrimmage? The more I read about that blown play, the more it sounds like that it was entirely the coaches fault.

Last offseason, left tackles Luke Pettigout and Flozell Adams each got around a $10 million signing bonus for a 7 year, $30 million contract. That is Chad Clifton's price for the Packers this offseason, although he might discount it due to his serious hip injury in 2002. Clifton should fire his agent if his agent doesn't ask the Packers for a $10 million signing bonus. I am really torn about resigning Clifton. He is a solid player on the best offensive line in the NFL and he is just a step below a Pro Bowl level, although only one season removed from a career threating injury. Generally, a team cannot let a player of his ability leave in free agency, but he doesn't play a skill position. The Packers could find a replacement for Clifton in free agency or the draft, but it is unlikely that his replacement would be as good as Clifton. If the Packers can afford it, although it would be the the Packers only significant move in free agency, then he should be resigned, but the Packers should not bust their cap just to resign him.

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