Wednesday, June 02, 2004

After the Packers drafted two cornerbacks with their top 2 draft picks, it was inevitable that the Packers clear out some of their marginal players in the secondary. First DB Bryant Westbrook was cut and now S Eric Crouch was cut. If CB Mike McKenzie returns, then him and CB Al Harris will start with rookie CB Ahmad Carroll and rookie CB Joey Thomas as the nickel and dime cornerbacks. If no McKenzie, then its possible second year speedster CB Chris Johnson is the dime cornerback, with recently resigned DB Michael Hawthorne and DB Bhawoh Jue battling with S Curtis Fuller and S Marques Anderson to backup FS Darren Sharper and SS Mark Roman. Crouch wasn't going to be given any opportunity at cornerback, so Hawthorne and Jue's flexibility to play cornerback or safety gave them an obvious advantage over Crouch.

More QB Tim Couch negotiating between the Packers and Cleveland. It is obvious that Couch will only accept a one year deal, so he can go find a starting job next season, and reported that the Packers won't trade for Couch unless he accepts a two year contract. Couch will not accept a two year deal, the Packers will start June mini camp this week, and the Packers interest in Couch will be over. reported the Packers had some interest in soon to be released LB Jason Gildon. He could be an effective situational pass rusher opposite DE KGB and could even push LB Hannibal Navies to the bench. But reported that three AFC teams (Baltimore, Cleveland, and Houston) that are very familiar with Gildon's abilities and have more salary cap room than the Packers are also interested. Baltimore would probably be his first choice, but I don't know where Gildon would fit in alongside linebackers Peter Boulware and Terrell Suggs. Houston seems his likely destination, where he can teach Houston's rookie 1st round draft choice LB Jason Babin how to play the pass rushing outside linebacker position in a 3-4 defense.

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