Wednesday, June 16, 2004

QB Tim Couch finally signed with the Packers this week after months of negotiations. Back in March, I compared Couch to QB Donovan McNabb, and Couch has a higher career completion percentage (59.8% to 57%) and a high yards per attempt (6.49 to 6.16), but what ended Couch's career in Cleveland was his career 0.95 touchdown passes to 1 interception ratio. If Couch can show can take better care of the football and prove that he can lead a team, then he can turn his career around. The 1 year deal is a good start to see if Couch can actually beat out QB Craig Nall for the backup job and then determine what future Couch has with the Packers.

Last week the Packers signed TE Steve Bush. He's only caught 46 passes in his 6 year NFL career, but he is a giant at 6'3" 280 lbs. If he can show some strong run blocking, he will show something that neither TE Bubba Franks or TE David Martin specialize in. The Packers have two inexperience tight ends (TE Keith Willis and TE Tony Donald) on their roster competing for the 3rd tight end spot too, but if the Packers want someone with experience to backup Franks and Martin, Bush would be the man.

CB Derek Combs was cut this week by the Packers. He is the 3rd defensive back released since this April's draft (S Eric Crouch and CB/S Bryant Westbrook were the first two) and it is not a surprise that some defensive backs would be released after the Packers drafted two defensive backs (CB Ahmad Carroll and CB Joey Thomas) in the first and third rounds. Combs showed a little bit in 2003, but only on special teams or has the 4th cornerback. He would have had a hard time beating out CB Erwin Swiney for the last cornerback spot on the roster, so its not surprising that Combs has already lost that battle after the June mini-camp. Swiney, along with CB Chris Johnson, are both going to have a hard time making the Packers roster as it currently stands if CB Mike McKenzie returns to the team.

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