Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Packers 14, Cincinnati 21. Another week, another close loss. I missed the game this week, but the Packers didn't win (again) because they can't run the football and their turnover margin is awful. Only Arizona and Baltimore are worse at running the football than the Packers. Remember, the problem isn't only that QB Brett Favre threw 5 interceptions, but the defense has forced more than one turnover in a game only once this season, and the Packers won that game. Special teams has been costly in the Tampa Bay and Minnesota games this season, but one more turnover and better run offense in either game would have won it too.

The only good news is that the NFC North is still winable. Chicago has a three game lead, but the Packers still play Chicago twice. Two wins versus Chicago this season makes it a one game lead with over half the season to go. The Packers haven't played any division opponent at home this season. The Packers win all four of those games, and the playoffs are still a possibility. That is amazing considering the Packers are tied with Houston for the league's worst record.

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