Thursday, October 27, 2005

Read this article. As if RB Ahman Green's injury isn't bad enough, Will Carroll thinks it is effectively career ending because Green will be a shadow of his former self when he does return. He also compares him to RB Terrell Davis. The next paragraph discusses WR Robert Ferguson and Carroll thinks Ferguson will provide no value for the rest of the season once he returns.

Did Mike Sherman lose his job as GM last offseason because he did such a poor job during the 2004 draft. Just take a look at how the top 4 draft choices from 2004 are playing this season. Read this about CB Joey Thomas. Thomas has been very disappointing this season because I was expecting him to really play well this season. I have never had high hopes for CB Ahmad Carroll, so his play this season is all I really expected from him. DT Donnell Washington has made very little impact and will have to show something to stay on the roster in 2006. P B.J. Sander has done very well when punting, but if he is the cause of K Ryan Longwell's bad 2005 season, then he is a big problem.

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