Friday, December 09, 2005

Have the Packers been unlucky this season? Apparently the Packers have the worst luck of any team since the AFL-NFL merger. Scroll down until you read "Inside this week's rankings". Usually a team's ratio of points scored versus points allowed is a good indication of the team's win-loss record, but not with the 2005 Packers. Aaron Schatz removed the biggest blowout win for the historically unlucky teams, including the Packers 52-3 demolition of New Orleans, and found out that the Packers are still historically unlucky. The good news Aaron says is "well, teams with terrible "luck factors" are often much better the following year, as luck evens out." Better luck next season.

There has been another change on the offensive line and RG William Whitticker is back as the starting right guard. The Packers need to improve the run offense this offseason. They should be looking long at a running back, maybe even RB Reggie Bush if the losses continue to pile up, or maybe RB Laurence Maroney. But first they really have to improve the offensive line.

Football Outsiders says they are the 28th "best" at run blocking. As much as the loss of LG Mike Wahle and RG Marco Rivera has hurt, the poor play of C Mike Flanagan has been just as bad. The above linked JS Online article says that Flanagan is looking at retirement. It also mentions two rookies; G Junius Coston and C Chris White. Line coach Larry Beightol thinks both could start next season. Coston rarely played in the preseason, while White only had significant playing time in the last preseason game. Coston and White might battle OL Scott Wells for the starting spots at center and left guard next season. If the Packers want to add someone to the draft, they might think of spending a 2nd or 3rd round pick on C Greg Eslinger, who was named the best interior lineman and center in college football. The criticism of Eslinger, White and Wells is that they are all short and/or undersized for the NFL. The response is that undersized hasn't hurt the Denver offensive line (2nd best run blocking in the NFL) which has 4 starting offensive lineman under 300 lbs. They are so good that they can make RB Ron Dayne look like RB Reggie Bush. It would be great to add Bush or Maroney in the 1st round, but the Packers won't go anywhere until the O-Line is improved.

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