Monday, December 05, 2005

Packers 7, Chicago 19. The Packers gain 358 to Chicago's 188 yards. Chicago is 0 for 10 on 3rd down. The Packers have the ball 35 minutes; Chicago only has the ball 25 minutes. Chicago commits 2 turnovers, but the Packers commit 4 turnovers. If QB Brett Favre takes a sack on both of his 2 interceptions, then the score is immediately turned around by 13 points and the Packers have the upset win. 3 turnovers happen in the 4th quarter and there could have been more. You could see Favre forcing passes and trying to make something happen. In some games this season, Favre had to force passes because the defense, special teams, and run offense were all struggling. But at Chicago, Favre could have done less and the Packers would have won. Turnovers have been the difference in almost every loss this season and Favre should try and show more patience; let the other team beat themselves.

It didn't help that the special teams were awful, as usual. P B.J. Sander's 14 yard punt, the late 1st quarter punt return to the Packers 35 yard line, and CB Jerron Wishom's inability to fall on fumbled punt return were the low points of the day.

A comment was made that the Packers haven't given up on the season and Mike Sherman hasn't given up on them. That was evident on the field as many Packers played hard. Rookie DE Mike Montgomery has stepped up lately and made some plays while filling in for DE Aaron Kampman or DE KGB. NT Grady Jackson had a poor game last week at Philadelphia, but was solid at Chicago. WR Donald Driver took some big hits but showed no fear and always held onto the ball. The Packers offensive line had one of their better games this season run blocking as RB Samkon Gado had some good holes and cutback lanes against one of the best run defenses in the NFL. FS Nick Collins continued his improvement as the season progresses and CB Al Harris gave QB Kyle Orton no chance at finding WR Mushin Muhammad open.

In the end, poor special teams creating poor field position for the Packers and good field position for Chicago plus the two huge interceptions were too much for the Packers.

First Quarter: TE Bubba Franks takes almost the exact same hit on a pass play that knocked him out last week in Philadelphia. Both hits happened as Franks was falling down and both hits snapped his head back with whiplash. Last week, it injured his neck/spine. This week it was an arm stinger. Franks has been playing hurt all season and the best thing might be to deactive him and let him get ready for next season. Chicago had great field position all quarter, but an interception and solid defense prevent them from scoring. The offense stalls because Favre is off with his passes, Tony Siragusa comments that Favre isn't setting his feet. Packers 0, Chicago 0.

Second Quarter: Both teams show some offense. The Packers move the ball well and Gado has another rushing TD. Orton completes one of his two good looking passes on the day to WR Bertram Berrian to set up a field goal. The Packers drive again, but on what appeared to be a busted play (busted shovel pass? busted pass blocking?) Favre throws an awful pass up for grabs, it is intercepted, RB Tony Fisher hustles down the field to stop the return for a touchdown, but there is just enough time to kick a field goal. The Packers had a sure field goal, but it was turned around. Should be Packers 10, Chicago 6, but Packers 7, Chicago 9.

Third Quarter: LB Paris Lenon is injured on a play. Although LB Robert Thomas returned for this game, LB Na'il Diggs couldn't play. With both Lenon and Diggs out, rookies LB Roy Manning and LB Brady Poppinga have more playing time, but Orton can't throw so this doesn't hurt the Packers in pass coverage. Neither team has much offense, Chicago doesn't pass midfield the entire quarter, and the Packers don't either until 2 minutes remain in the quarter. Packers 7, Chicago 9.

Fourth Quarter: Mike Sherman went for it on 4th and 1 in the 1st quarter from Chicago's 34 yard line, but he doesn't do it again on 4th and 5 in this quarter from Chicago's 38. The punt is a touchback (thanks Sander!) and Chicago drives for another field goal after the punt. The punt only netted 18 yards so why not go for it? The Packers run the ball once for 1 yard in the quarter and Chicago starts rushing hard against Favre. The pressure creates 2 fumbles and probably made Favre rush the pass that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. They couldn't run the ball because Chicago managed to hold the ball for over 6 minutes on their field goal drive and time was running out, but it could have helped reduce the pressure on Favre. The Packers are able to move the ball against Chicago's great defense, but the game killing turnovers decide the outcome. Packers 7, Chicago 19.

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I know a loss sucks, but it was to the number one D in the NFL. My team lost to the Bears last week. Nice Packer Blog. From an old NFC CENTRAL Rival.

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