Monday, January 30, 2006

My last post discussed QB Brett Favre and his potential retirement. I mentioned the potential of cap savings if Favre retires. I don't know if Favre will actually save the Packers anything in 2006, which is possible because his prorated signing bonuses might catch up to the Packers on retirement. Assuming Favre's retirement creates cap savings that the Packers could use to sign free agents, none of the free agents available would make the retirement worth it. There is no 1992-era DE Reggie White available. The best the Packers could do is sign one of the available quality offensive lineman like OG Steve Hutchinson, C LeCharles Bentley, or T Kevin Shaffer. Shaffer may be the most likely signing since new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodiznski coached Shaffer in Atlanta. The article also mentions LBs Hunter Hillenmeyer and Julian Peterson, but I agree with Michael David Smith that they would probably cost more than they are worth. If Favre does retire, then GM Ted Thompson better use his cap room to improve the offensive line, but he better not force Favre out the door just so he can have money to spend on 2006 free agents.

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