Saturday, February 11, 2006

There isn't much going on at this point in the offseason, but I had missed this gem from last week. Mike McCarthy hired Kurt Schottenheimer to coach the defensive backs and he is the second coach hired by McCarthy that Mike Sherman had fired. Since McCarthy was not resigned after Sherman was originally hired in 2000, maybe he has some special sympathy for coaches fired by Sherman.

Jeff Jagodzinski was fired along with Ed Donatell after the 4th and 26 debacle in the 2004 playoffs. It was never reported why Jagodzinski was fired and it wasn't really obvious that he should have been fired. On the other hand, Schottenheimer's hiring in 2004 was a disaster from the beginning. That Schottenheimer was hired and assistant Lionel Washington was passed over for defensive backs coach was one of the reasons given by CB Mike McKenzie for his trade demand. A new contract was McKenzie's first concern, but Schottenheimer's hiring played a part in the trade. Then in 2004, the secondary played awful under Schottenheimer's coaching. There were a lot of factors beyond Schottenheimer's control (McKenzie never really played again for the Packers, they were forced to play a number of rookies, FS Darren Sharper had a down season) but it was very understandable why he was fired after an awful season for the defense. The rehiring of Schottenheimer is much worse than the rehiring of Jagodzinski, and his rehiring is still very questionable (see my previous posts about it).

The Packers quest to put together the worst coaching staff in the NFL continues to roll on.


ryan said...

how you hire mccarthy over bates,jadogzinki over malukey,stock over anyone and shottenheimer over my mother is beyond me..pathetic coaching staff that keeps getting worse

Brandon said...