Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Packers assigned eight players to NFL Europe. It is probably good experience for the players, but all of them are only candidates for the practice squad.

Down in Arkansas, CB Ahmad Carroll was arrested. It is an assault charge and he is probably looking at some community service time. It sounds like he was being a jerk.

Mike Sherman will be the next offensive coordinator in Houston. There are things to like and dislike about this from Sherman's perspective. He will work with Gary Kubiak who was probably the best new head coaching hire this offseason and he will coach RB Reggie Bush. Unfortunately the offensive line is a mess, QB David Carr will probably be learning his fifth new offense in his fifth NFL season, and Kubiak and Bush may get all the credit for the improved offense. If Houston is a playoff contender by 2007, Sherman may be a head coach by 2008 which should be right around the time the Packers will probably be looking for their next head coach.

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