Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Barring a major turnaround, WR Robert Ferguson is done for the season. Nothing good seems to happen when QB Brett Favre throws to Ferguson; he usually is running a deep route, always seems to be in double coverage, and never seems to come down with the ball. Ferguson seems like ex-RB Najeh Davenport; an offensive talent that never put it together and sufferred through constant injuries. Ferguson even makes a joke about his constant life of rehab since he was drafted by Green Bay. Although Ferguson didn't contribute much on offense, even when healthy, his injury combined with WR Koren Robinson's inevitable suspension finally was handed down (although his agent said Robinson was surprised?), the Packers have reached the annual point in the season when the lack of depth at wide receiver becomes a problem. This was a bigger deal a couple of seasons ago when Favre could be seen showing ex-WR Scottie Thurman how to run routes during the playoff game. Now it is just one of several problems of a 1-4 team.

For an added bonus, WR Donald Driver has bruised ribs. At least WR Greg Jennings is healthy. The only other WR on the roster is Ruvell Martin, who made the team during the preseason by showing the coaches that he doesn't drop the ball every time he touches it. WR Carlton Brewster and especially 4th round pick WR Cory Rodgers should have beaten out Martin, but both players struggled badly with fumbles. Rodgers is a free agent right now, and if the Packers want to pick up somebody he might be the best option for some extra depth.

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