Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WTF?!? CB Ahmad Carroll played awful at Philadelphia, but did he play his way off the team? There is no depth behind Carroll. The new nickel back is either rookie CB Jarrett Bush or CB Patrick Dendy. Bush is the likely candidate since he is on the active roster while Dendy will be promoted from the practice squad this week. Bush apparently looked good for Carolina during the preseason, but that was still preseason football and he is still a rookie. How awful did Carroll play on Monday night? The first thing Mike McCarthy said was "He played well" so apparently not too bad. Tom Silverstein said Carroll had three pass defenses (he led the team for the game) and a sack in the first half, but he got torched in the second half. Apparently one solid half followed by one awful half is enough to cut you.

Why shouldn't you cut Carroll? Because he is only 23 years old and the fastest player on the team. Of course he is immature; he is athletically talented 23 year old football player. It seemed unlikely Carroll would ever become a quality starting cornerback since he hasn't played like one by his third NFL season. But at this point what was there to lose in keeping him around as insurance and on special teams as a gunner. Maybe try him as a return man since WR Robert Ferguson is injured? His rookie contract can't cost the team too much. If the Packers wanted to do something to improve the secondary, releasing Carroll was not the number 1 item on the to-do list. Number 1 - give S Tyrone Culver a chance to play ahead of S Marquand Manuel. Number 2 - fire Kurt Schottenheimer and let Lionel Washington take over. Releasing Carroll was a distant 3rd, because now a rookie will have significant playing time in a pass coverage that is apparently so confusing everyone in the backfield has resorted to wearing wrist bands with all the coverages on them. This change did not improve the Packers.


AJ said...

All this Talk about Ahmad Carroll. Well, now he is gone. The next one that should go is Al Harris. Either get rid of him too or tie his hands behind his back! Whenever he gets beat by a receiver (which happens ALOT!), he tends to grab them, costing the team 15 yards on usually critical plays. The "no touch" rule has gotten tougher and Al Harris has never adjusted to the change. Schottenheimer may have been too busy trying to figure what to do with Ahmad Carroll that he didn't have time to deal with Harris. Well, now he should have the time since Carroll is gone.

Brandon said...

Schottenheimer hasn't proved that he has a clue. Harris has proved that he can be great, he was great in 2005. Now Schottenheimer has to spend all his time teaching Patrick Dendy how to be a cornerback in the NFL.

Brandon said...
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