Thursday, November 23, 2006

Packers 0, New England 35. QB Brett Favre said last week in Minnesota that everyone on the team contributed to the win. This week, everyone contributed to the loss. No one played well, no one coached well, and no one deserves to miss any blame for the loss. The real surprise was Favre's bad play and then the bad play by QB Aaron Rodgers. Football Outsiders wondered if there was a contagious disease inflicting all Packer quarterbacks with bad passing. Rodgers looked awful, but the big surprise was that he is out for the season with a foot injury and QB Todd Bouman is now the backup. Bouman played against the Packers last season with New Orleans and he looked horrible, so it is very good news that Favre appears to be ready to play on Monday. The team didn't drop far in Football Outsiders' rankings, so it is clear that New England is very good and the Packers aren't ready to compete against a quality team yet. The good news is that New England was the best team remaining on the Packers schedule, assuming Chicago is sitting all their starters in week 17. The Packers have played better on the road for the last three seasons, so a bounce back win against a struggling Seattle team is very possible.

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