Friday, November 03, 2006

The Packers played their best game versus Arizona, but it apparently cost them two starters and RB Vernand Morency to injuries. CB Charles Woodson came back into the game and caught an interception after landing awkwardly on his left leg, so it is a little surprising that the injury has gotten worse and will keep him out. On the other hand, it is surprising Woodson has played so much this season considering his past struggles with injuries. CB Patrick Dendy, who gave up the only passing TD against Arizona, would take over for Woodson, and barely used CB Will Blackmon would become the nickel cornerback. Luckily Buffalo is coming playing washed up WR Peerless Price and underachieving WR Josh Reed against Dendy and Blackmon, while CB Al Harris will cover their only receiving threat WR Lee Evans.

Morency injured his back and FB Brandon Miree hyperextended his elbow against Arizona and neither is expected to play at Buffalo. Both players had arguably the best games of their careers against Arizona, so the injuries are bad timing for them both. Both players have capable backups at this point, FB William Henderson for Miree and RB Noah Herron for Morency. The Packers do need a 3rd running back, so RB P.J. Pope was signed from Chicago's practice squad. Pope had a nice college career, appears to be a pretty good receiver, and played a lot in the preseason for Chicago, so it wouldn't be surprising at all to see him involved in the offense at Buffalo for a few carries and a catch or two. Mike McCarthy seems to like rotating all three running backs during some part of the game each week. The Packers had to release backup C Chris White to sign Pope and now G Jason Spitz becomes the backup center. I don't recall ever seeing Spitz play at center during the preseason. If C Scott Wells did have to come out of a game, it would be better if Spitz slid over and G Tony Moll came in the game at guard. Hopefully LT Chad Clifton is over the injury that kept him out of the game in Miami and the loss of the depth White provided will not be a concern.

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