Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let the RB Marshawn Lynch talk begin! With RB Ahman Green's free agency and Lynch projected as a mid-first round draft pick, it seems like a natural prediction. GM Ted Thompson is still talking about bringing Green back (see above linked article at the bottom) but who knows. With a lot of free cap room around the league, letting Green hit the open market seems like a way to lose him. Green has been in decline since his great 2003 season and should not be brought back at any cost. Maybe this is the time to let him go.

But the Packers would be reaching by drafting Lynch at 16. Lynch should be good, but he might be the next RB J.J. Arrington too. If RB Adrian Peterson fell to 16 then the Packers should dance like New Orleans danced once it was reported that Houston signed DE Mario Williams. Assuming Peterson doesn't fall down to 16 (which he shouldn't) and Thompson doesn't trade up (which seems just as unlikely) the next prospect to discuss is Lynch. Unfortunately for Lynch there are a number of other college running backs who ran as fast or faster than him. Florida State's Lorenzo Booker, Arizona's Chris Henry, Auburn's Kenny Irons, and Ohio State's Antonio Pittman. All of these players might not have Lynch's size or eye-catching 6.21 yards/carry during his final two college seasons, but some of them will last into the 2nd and maybe the 3rd round. Plus if Green does return, then there is good depth for 2007 with RBs Vernand Morency and Noah Herron and another running back doesn't seem like a good fit.


Anonymous said...

Ahman Green should not be brought back at ANY cost??

Brandon, you're a pinhead. Perhaps you meant to say he has value at a specific cost not exceeding X.

Your analysis is sophomoric at best. Telling me Millen is the worst GM in the NFL today is like telling me my 4 year old craves chocolate...DAH!

Be daring, be insightful, just don't bore me with obvious anecdotes or impossible "what-if" scenarios, such as Adrian Peterson falling to #16.

Brandon said...

ANY cost - meaning don't resign him for whatever he wants. ANY cost is too high. If he takes one year at $2-3 million, then resign him. You can't please all the people all the time.