Friday, February 09, 2007

Yahoo! Sports writer John Murphy tried his hand at a mock draft and it was funny. Alan Branch and Jamaal Anderson in the top 5? It is debatable whether either player was the best defensive lineman on his own college team last season. They are both middle of the 1st round draft choices and either would be a good selection for the Packers at pick number 16. It would be wonderful if RB Adrian Peterson falls to the Packers at number 16, but there is no way Peterson should slip out of the top 5.


arleen said...

yea i dont see peterson falling to them at 16, but maybe they trade up to get him. i think theyll take a te at 16 if one is there worth the pick. otherwise a defensive choice would be good. you know thompson though...he likes stock piling picks.

Brandon said...

I would love if the Packers could get Peterson, but I don't want them to give up a bunch of picks to draft him. Teams can't give up multiple high draft picks away for one player and not expect any negative effects down the road. I don't know (yet) of any TE that would be worth a pick at 16th overall. Generally teams should avoid using a 1st round pick on a TE. For every Tony Gonzalez drafted in the 1st round, there are multiple 1st round failures, like Bubba Franks and Jerramy Stevens. One thing Thompson likes to do is move around and grab as many picks as he can.