Monday, April 23, 2012

The Packers Release Left Tackle Chad Clifton

Here's the official announcement from the Green Bay Packers that they've parted ways with long-time LT Chad Clifton after he failed his physical. Here's what I wrote about it at Acme Packing Company:
After spending most of the 1990s looking for a replacement to Ken Ruettgers, I thought I had read at one time that Wolf was surprised to see Chad Clifton still available in the 2nd round. With his selection, the left tackle position was solidified for the next ten plus seasons. He hasn’t always been the best lineman on the team at any given time, but he’s always been a good left tackle in a league that has a short supply of them. However, I was surprised he wasn’t released earlier. He’s been playing through nagging injuries for years and 2011 looked like the end of the road. But the Packers were more patient than I was. They appeared ready to give him a chance to return next season. And probably compete for the starting job too. I think it’s unlikely, but it’s possible he could return to the team, depending on what happens in the draft. They were willing to keep him, and no other team will sign him until he passes a physical. If he continues to rehab, and he’s able to pass a physical over the summer, then he could be back.

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