Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Packers Won't Sign Desmond Bryant

NFL restricted "free agents" are free agents in name only. These players never leave their original team no matter how much speculation is out there regarding Steelers WR Mike Wallace. Which is unfortunate, because there's one restricted free agent remaining who could be a good fit for the Green Bay Packers. Raiders DT Desmond Bryant.

I wrote about him back in early March, and saw that he's a good run defender in addition to recording five sacks last season. He'll be a good value for the Raiders, who will probably pay him around $2 million next season. The only way the Packers could have him is if they offered a crazy contract that would be so bad that Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie wouldn't consider matching it. And GM Ted Thompson doesn't do crazy.

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NorthStarr said...

"And GM Ted Thompson doesn't do crazy"

And Reggie McKenzie is secure in that knowledge. :)