Friday, September 07, 2012

The Packers Have Got It Easy In 2012

I was recently talking with Steve Bortstein on his AM radio show, and one question he brought up was the Green Bay Packers' tough schedule. Their first four games (49ers, Bears, Seahawks, and Saints) are a challenge, but offset by the fact that three of them are at Lambeau (on the road at Seattle).

But, as John Clayton points out, overall the Packers benefit from an easy 2012 schedule because of games against the NFC West (Rams, Cardinals) and AFC West (Colts, Jaguars, Titans). If you add the Vikings to that list, the Packers have a total of four games against the three teams that had the Nos. 1, 2, and 3 selections in the April 2012 draft. There are no gimme wins in the NFL, but that schedule doesn't hurt.

Still, the best advantage the Packers have over the rest of their opponents is an offense that was unmatched last season. The defense remains a concern, and only the coaches know who's starting in the secondary, but the defense will certainly improve. Using their first six draft picks on defensive players gives their unit a boost, but also remember that defenses are inconsistent from year-to-year. No team proved that better than the 2011 Packers, who fell from No. 2 (2010) overall in defense to No. 25 (2011) according to Football Outsiders.

It's going to be a great season, and I'm looking forward to partying like it's February 2011.


PackFaninFl said...

Go Pack Go! T minus 3 hours 32 minutes as I type!

This entire year is going to be contrasted against that final game against the G-men last year: So, 1) have we settled the left side of the line, which gave up the bulk of the 5 sacks against Rodgers in the game and 2) will we generate enough of a pass rush to give our pass coverage a chance(Eli left that game with a very clean shirt).

It's all about the trenches, baby.

Look for Jarrett Bush to lead the team in INTs and to earn a pro bowl alternative nomination. The kid is ready to blossom.

And the danger team in the NFC will be Seattle. Russell Wilson is going to be BETTER than CAm Newton (you heard it here first) and Seattle's top 10 Defense from last year will vault to the top 5. They are going to be beastly come playoff time.

Look out for the Bears as well.

I share your optimism, which is why I will leave you with that one word which best describes this TT created juggernaut....


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