Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How The Packers Defense Might Fare Against The Giants

The play of the Green Bay Packers defense, especially the standout performance by their previously underperforming defensive line, led them in their victory over the Lions. While LB Erik Walden and LB Dezman Moses recorded the big plays, the interior lineman collapsed the pocket, which had to have effected QB Matthew Stafford's accuracy and forced him to run around more than he should. When he did manage to throw the ball, the secondary, led by CB Casey Hayward, was waiting to make a play.

When I read how the Giants lost their last game, a 31-13 beating in Cincinnati, the Giants' problems with the Bengals defense was almost the same. The Giants' offensive line got abused in pass protection, QB Eli Manning made a couple of horrible decisions, and Bengals' CB Adam Jones had a huge game.

Rinse and repeat. Bring the pressure and force Manning into some bad decisions. If the Packers offense is still playing it conservative with their re-worked offensive line, then they might have to ride the defense until Mike McCarthy feels like he can open up the play book again.

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