Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Packers Were Embarrassed By The Giants, 38-10

The Green Bay Packers got their ass kicked by the Giants. The Packers didn't outplay the Giants in any aspect on Sunday night. It's hard to fault one area like the pass rush, or the pass protection, because everything wasn't working.
Even the playoff loss to the Giants last January wasn't this lopsided. I was going to look it up, but Kevin Seifert beat me to it: the Packers hadn't lost a regular season game by double digits in three years. There's only two things to point out:

First, one game isn't a trend. A trend is a five game winning streak before Sunday night. They'll go back to Green Bay, watch the film tomorrow, learn from their mistakes next week, and move on. They're not going to play that bad again next week. In that way, the Packers can learn from the Giants, who were whipped by the Bengals on the road in similar fashion two weeks ago. Obviously, the Giants bounced back.

Second, this game didn't end their season or even change the playoff picture. They're not leading the NFC North at the moment, but they can re-take the lead by beating the Bears again in three weeks. They still hold a wild card spot. After watching home field advantage mean nothing over the last two postseasons, I don't really care what happens other than that they make the playoffs.

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