Saturday, October 04, 2014

NFL Week 5 Predictions

My picks for this week's NFL games, with the exception of Thursday's Packers/Vikings meeting:

1. Bears at Panthers
Prediction: Panthers win easily

2. Texans at Cowboys
Prediction: Cowboys win easily

3. Bills at Lions
Prediction: Lions win easily

4. Ravens at Colts
Prediction: Colts win in a close one

5. Steelers at Jaguars
Prediction: Steelers win easily

6. Buccaneers at Saints
Prediction: Saints win easily

7. Falcons at Giants
Prediction: Giants win easily

8. Rams at Eagles
Prediction: Eagles win easily

9. Browns at Titans
Prediction: Titans win in a close one

10. Cardinals at Broncos
Prediction: Broncos win in a close one

11. Jets at Chargers
Prediction: Chargers win easily

12. Chiefs at 49ers
Prediction: 49ers win in a close one

13. Bengals at Patriots
Prediction: Bengals win in a close one 

14. Seahawks at Redskins
Prediction: Seahawks win easily

Leave your comments below on how accurate you think my picks are.

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