Saturday, October 18, 2014

Panthers/Packers Final Prediction

My final prediction for tomorrow's Panthers/Packers game:

Score: Packers 28, Panthers 24
After their indivual performances last week in Miami and Cincinnati, it's clear that both of these teams need a little work. Nonetheless, since the Packers are at home here and still seemingly better I think they'll find a way to win, regardless of how badly their defense performs.

Because Aaron Rodgers, in my opinion, will get the big touchdowns when he needs them. He won't get a ton of help from the other side of the ball, but considering Cam Newton's always struggled in big situations I expect Dom Capers' guys to have at least one clutch series. Again, AT LEAST one, maybe more. You just never know with them.

Leave your thoughts below on how accurate you think my thoughts are.

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