Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Packers Bring Guion and Raji Back For 2015

The Green Bay Packers had to do something at defensive tackle and still do need to address the position in the upcoming draft. But the draft doesn't always go like expected so bringing back two familiar faces should at least keep their depth in decent shape for next season. Also, both NT B.J. Raji and DT Letroy Guion are returning on one-year deals that aren't going to cause any future salary cap problems if they don't work out.
DT Mike Daniels is arguably their best defensive player and Datone Jones was very good as a situational pass rusher, but after them their defensive line depth was bad. They have three young players who could still develop (Mike Pennel, Khyri Thornton, and Josh Boyd) but they can't count on them for anything more than a part-time role.

I'm shocked Guion avoided any serious legal troubles from his recent arrest, but the Packers obviously have no concerns about bringing him back so he shouldn't be a problem in the locker room. He was forced into the role of nose tackle last season after Raji was hurt, and it's not his best position, but he wasn't terrible against the run and occasionally provided some pass rush. If he's getting close to the $1 million he received in 2014, he'll be worth the money.

Raji was terrible in 2013 and he was hurt for all of 2014. The Packers still think well of him and will pay him $3 million in 2015 but I'm not sure he's worth it anymore. I don't know how many more chances he'll receive but so far the answer is "at least one more."

So I'm not a fan of either signing but something needed to be done at defensive tackle. This assures that they won't be scrambling for depth during training camp and gives them some veteran options. I can't argue with the safe move even if it doesn't make them all that much better in 2015.

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