Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Add the eccentric Gilbert Brown with the free agent insane Washington Redskins and you end up with the Packers signing Brown to a six year deal. The length is surprising since it had been assumed by every publication I read this year that Brown would just sign for one year at the veteran's minimum. But after the stupid Redskins cut their starting nose tackle Dan Wilkenson without anyone on the roster able to replace him (huh?) they got desperate and contacted Brown, who almost signed with them. I think Brown is useful and the Packers are a better team against the run with him, but with Brown's injury history and the knowledge that you can't rely on the big man for a full season, he is just worth the minimum and not a true starter's salary. I don't know why the Packers waited so long to sign Brown, but I think it was more likely that it was Brown's odd character than the Packers procrastination that caused the delay. Unfortunately the $400,000 signing bonus spread out over six years is a lot more than the Packers probably expected to pay so the delay cost them time and money. Not a big deal, but every bit of money counts when the salary cap tightens up.

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