Monday, July 14, 2003

I am impressed with the Packers new policy to leave no stone unturned in their attempt to have a competant kick return game this year. They recently signed an Arena league player, Antonio Chapman, to throw another fast body into the competition. All four of this year's seventh round picks are fast and Johnson, Rubin and Ford will probably all get a chance to be the return man. Last year's special teams kick returners were awful. They never made any big returns last year, and I thought the Eric Metcalf fumble in the first half of the playoff game against Atlanta effectively ended that game, although it was not just Metcalf's fault. A better return game would probably have made a one or two game difference in the standings, although based on last year, home field advantage did not make a difference to the Packers. But next year might be different, and a quality return game might make the difference in a big game, like Desmond Howard's Super Bowl MVP performance in 1996. Remember, Howard was free talent just walking the street when the Packers brought him in and added a few years to his career and a few more millions into his pocket via the Raiders foolish free agent contract they signed him to the next year.

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